Thursday, March 1, 2012

30 Pounds and Counting!

Diets suck.  They leave you feeling deprived, frustrated, and unstable.  When the day finally comes when you just can't deny yourself carbs for one more stupid day, you indulge.  You binge.  You feel guilty and even more frustrated than before, like you've just taken an enormous step backwards and erased any hard work you may have done.

Diets suck.  Thank God I'm not on one.  :)

If you've been playing along at home, you know I signed up for Weight Watchers Online in the final hour of 2011.  I stepped on the scale on the evening of December 31st and was disgusted to find I had reached 202 pounds.  It was time to make a change and take control of my health. 

Then my husband joined me 9 days later.

Between the two of us, we have lost 62 pounds since January 1st.  And this is only the beginning.  We've started talking about what we're going to do to celebrate when we each hit our goal weight.  For me, it's a pair of designer jeans.  I fall asleep at night dreaming about that pair of True Religions (or Citizens, or Sevens, or whatever I end up picking) and how my butt is going to look better than it ever has.  I'm going to wear a swimming suit and not be embarrassed.  I'm going to finally, finally feel comfortable in my own skin.

It's already happening.  My jean size is gradually decreasing.  That pooch that has been a constant companion at my midsection is starting to shrink.  I can finally fit back into my SPANX.

This week, I ate a cheeseburger, cheese-stuffed pasta shells, mozzarella sticks, and ice cream.  I'm learning how to take the foods I enjoy the most and adapt them so they work in my world.  I'm not willing to blow a whole day's worth of points on some greasy burger that's only going to give me gut rot and a big butt anyway.  But I will cook up a patty of 90/10 ground beef and eat it on a whole wheat sandwich thin with a tablespoon of shredded fat free cheese. 

I had to search for quite some time to find a sufficient "Before" photo.  I've always preferred to be behind the camera, especially when I'm overweight.  I found one from November and frankly, I was shocked.

Here we go.  The Before and Halfway There photos.  30 pounds down, 32 pounds left to go until I hit my goal weight.  Bring it on.

(Click photo to make it bigger.)

I want you to understand how hard it is for me to put these photos out there.  This is a journey for me.  Part of me thinks it's a bad idea to get all "Yay Me!" for only reaching the halfway point.  There's still a long road ahead and a lot of opportunities for me to quit.  On the other hand, if we don't celebrate the small victories, we'll be out of practice for the big ones.  ;)

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