Monday, March 12, 2012

Couch to 5K

After work on Sunday, I took the first step toward accomplishing one of the other goals on my "25 for my 20s" list - running a 5K.  I went shoe shopping!

In my defense, every single resource I have looked at for beginning runners has said that the very first step toward starting to run is investing in a good pair of shoes that are fitted for you from a store who knows what the heck they're doing.  See?  I had permission to go buy these cuties.

Looking at the weather forecast for this week had gotten me all jacked up to start my Couch to 5K training program, so I wanted to get my shoes and take them for a test run right away.  I survived a 20 minute run on Sunday afternoon and I really barely felt like keeling over dead on my front porch afterwards.  No, I do not have a photo of my face upon my arrival back on my front lawn, but I can confirm that it was red as Bob the Tomato.  The shoes?  Lightweight, comfy, and still super cute. I like 'em.

Now, the next step.  I've got weather straight from heaven lined up for the week - sunny and 60s and lower 70s.  In Wisconsin.  In March.  Honestly, this is crazysauce but I'm not arguing.  It leaves me no excuse not to get my butt off the couch and hit the pavement.  I've looked into a couple phone apps to help with the training program and it looks like the one that will work best for me is the Ease into 5K app that Emily from The Pilot's Wife recommended to me.  It's compatible with my Droid, which the "official" Couch to 5K app is not, so that's a start.  She raves about it, so I figure it's worth a shot.  I wish it didn't cost $3, but we can't win 'em all.

Here's the part I'm struggling with, and don't laugh at me.  I'm honestly not trying to make an excuse for why I can't go run because I honestly and truly really want to do this.  But I am really having a hard time trying to find when I am going to run.  The training program wants to you devote 30 minutes, 3 times per week.  Sounds easy, right?  Not so easy when my hubs leaves for work before the sun rises every morning and doesn't get home until after supper, when it's already dark.  I don't have a jogging stroller, so I can't run with the baby.  And taking all three boys with me will be counter-productive at best. Not gonna happen.  So, when am I supposed to run?  So far, the only times I have ever been able to go out for a run has been on a weekend when I get home from work and Evan can stay home with the kids.

Why is it so hard to find 30 free minutes three times in a week?  Seriously??!!!

I'm frustrated because this is a big deal for me.  I am so NOT a runner.  I used to joke that the only thing that would get me to run would be if something with fangs or a bloody axe were chasing me.  As it turns out, I just needed to get fat enough to get fed up and decide to do something drastic about changing my life.

Suggestions?  How can I make this work?

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