Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's Up

Someone said to me recently that she thought all along that everything would work out with our whole sell the house and relocate thing at the very last second.  That as soon as we took some actual steps toward starting our new lives in our new city, things would work themselves out back here.

I really hope she's right.  This week, we're leaving the kids with Grandma for a day while we head down to our new town/city/whatever.  We're meeting with a couple potential Realtors, a mortgage broker, and the two people (yes, we know a total of two people in the metropolis we're moving to) we know in town.  I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also apprehensive about getting too deeply invested into the cart before we know what's going on with the horse.

Wow.  That made no sense.  Sorry about that.

Bear with me; all three boys are napping at the same time and I didn't even have to fight Micah at all on it today.  I showered and everything and I still have time to blog.  It's messing with my mojo, I think.  Free time....strange.

Anyway, so that's on tap for the week.  Plus, I'm going to be crossing off another of the things on my "25 for my 20s" list and spending the weekend in Chicago with my sister-in-law and my cousin-in-law.  My sis-in-law made a point to warn me that she and Sarah (cuz-in-law) like to "go out and have fun," so I guess I better make darn sure I pack some cute jeans and my black boots.  Say a prayer for me that I don't make an idiot of myself, ok?  I've never been one for the nightlife scene and I always feel slightly awkward doing things like, you know...."going out."

Stop laughing.

If that weren't enough, we'll be holding an Open House at our home on Sunday (yes, while I am away) in yet another effort to bring in our long awaited buyer.  I am praying fervently that this is the time, this is the day when our buyer is going to walk through that door and make an offer so we can move on with our lives.

Very busy few days coming up here.  It is weird that all I can think about is how the heck I'm going to find the time to get Project Life done on time for Tuesday's post?  Please grant me some grace if I'm not able to pull it off.

Thomas is teething.

I pop that teething ring in the freezer to get it nice and cold and he does seem to like chewing on it.  The lower left tooth is just about ready to pop out of there.  Of course, that means that Thomas goes from looking like this:

to looking like this in about 5 seconds flat.

It's hard being a baby, I guess.

Well, I'm off to scrub some sinks before the little boogers wake up.  Gotta get something constructive done before my pedicure this evening!  What color should I get?  Decisions, decisions.

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