Wednesday, March 14, 2012

When Otters Dance

The weather on Tuesday was absolutely gorgeous. I didn't get a single thing done at home because we were gone pretty much the entire day.  In the morning, I brought my brood to the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison and it was a picture perfect day for it.  Since it's technically still March here in Wisconsin, this kind of upper 60s / lower 70s weather has taken everyone by storm, but it's still a little early in the year for the big crowds to hit the free zoo.  Heck, the concession stands weren't even open yet!  The crowds were thin, the animals were loving the nice weather, and I got some amazing photos of my boys enjoying their outing.

The best part was when we were in front of the river otter exhibit.  At first, the otter was sunning himself up on the rock, but he decided to take a swim about 30 seconds after my boys pressed their faces up against the glass.  I wish I had been thinking quick enough to get out my camera with video because it was the coolest thing.

The otter danced for my kids.  I kid you not. These photos give you an idea of the show this otter was putting on for Isaiah and Micah.  Those two were FREAKING. OUT.

It was incredible.

That guy was a tough act to follow, but I did pretty well by bringing them to the Babcock Dairy Store on the UW-Madison campus (My alma mater! Go Badgers!) for the best Blue Moon ice cream in the entire world.

They each gave me a bite of their ice cream.  I dang near died and went to heaven.

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