Monday, April 23, 2012

Designed to Sell

Guess what?  It's quiet in my house right now.  And you know what?  I'm not feeling pressured to utilize that quiet to scrub a floor, paint a wall, pack a couple boxes, or clean a closet.  It's kind of nice!  Sure, I still have photos to edit, emails to reply to, and numerous other things I "should" be doing, but at the moment I am kind of enjoying being able to finally sit down and blog for a couple minutes.  Be warned, however.  Micah was still messing around in his room when he's supposed to be sleeping when I checked on him about five minutes ago, so goodness knows how long this little venture into sanity will last.

What's been going on?  The short answer - A LOT.  

Basically, I spent the majority of last week whipping my house into shape in preparation for our first Open House with our new Realtor.  As you recall, a stager came by and walked me through a whole litany of things I could do to make the house more "sellable" to the average buyer.  Considering we've been on the market for a grand total of 299 days now, Evan and I were willing to give pretty much anything a go.  We rented a storage unit and have moved numerous van loads of stuff out of our house.  I've made three trips to St. Vinnie's to donate things we didn't really need.  We painted our entire living room and the dining room accent wall.  We changed out a light fixture, most of our lightbulbs, replaced a closet door, bought patio furniture, and cleaned and scrubbed and cleaned some more.  I felt like Cinderella by the time Friday rolled around (before she got to wear the fancy dress and go to the party, that is) and I got an email that someone had requested a showing for Saturday at noon!  Yahoo!!!

But drat.  That meant one less day to finish everything.  

A frenzy ensued.  Dusting, vacuuming, boxing, spraying of Febreeze.  And then they rescheduled for an hour before our Open House on Sunday.  Okidoke.

So, Sunday rolls around and I'm on pins and needles at work while Evan took the boys (and the dog) to Madison to leave the house vacant.  The good news?  We had three prospective buyers with Realtors come through the house yesterday.  The feedback was positive and one said the house was in "Excellent" showing condition and that it met his buyers' needs.  As to whether they were considering an offer, the response was "Maybe."

Maybe is not a No.  I'll take it.  

So, we wait.  We wait to see if an offer is indeed going to come from our hard work and patience.  Really, all the patience is coming from Evan's end.  I'm really struggling not to freak out about this whole thing, to be quite honest.  Thank goodness he's got enough patience for the both of us.  

Just so you can get a sense of what we've been up to, here are some before and after shots of our living room:





Quite the difference, huh?  Sure, I do miss my blue wall.  It's very "blah" right now, but it does look brighter and bigger and those are two things we need our buyers to see when they walk in the door.  I do still need to get some new shots of the dining room since we replaced the light fixture and painted the accent wall in there too, but that just hasn't happened yet.  I can show you these little teasers though:

So, that's the house update.  I also have videos to share with you of Thomas and his new teeth, a story to tell you about Micah and a nun, and of course some Project Life goodies on tap.  I promise to try to get it all in this week.  See ya later!

P.S.  Here is the link to the official listing for our home.  If anyone reading this happens to know someone who is looking for a home in the area (Arena, Spring Green, Mazomanie, Sauk Prairie), would you consider passing this along to them?  Anything we can do to drive some traffic to our home would be a good thing.  Share on Facebook, pin it on Pinterest, send it in an email.  Whatever!  It's all good and I would be so grateful.  And hey, if you just want to check it out and send me some happy "sell that house" happy brain waves, that would be nice too!  

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