Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Love of My Life

Hey babe.

Sorry you were stuck in New Berlin last night.  I know I would have much rather had you home with me.  It would have been nice to be able to tell you Happy Birthday through my morning breath laced, slurred half asleep voice as you left for work this morning at the unholy hour that you head out the door.

Happy Birthday, my love.

Happy Birthday to the man who leads our family, rocks my socks off, and makes me do this:

You're pretty awesome, Evan.  Getting kind of old all of a sudden *ahem* but still a pretty amazing guy.  I'm incredibly blessed to call you my husband and I know those boys are pretty psyched you're their Dad.

Happy Birthday to a guy who is this close to being 50 pounds lighter than he was on his last birthday!  Woot!  Seriously, honey.  Check out your face in this photo.  It's wild.  You're really doing it! I always knew you could.

So drive home safe, my love.  I thought about making you a birthday cake, but maybe we'll just steal some of the kids' Easter candy instead.  Less WW points for both of us, after all.  We can pretend that Lainee's birthday cake on Saturday is yours too, ok?

Happy Birthday Evan!

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