Friday, May 25, 2012

My Baby is a Ninja, Part Deux

In case you missed the first installment of the My Baby is a Ninja saga, fear not.  You can click here to get reacquainted with the awesomeness that oozes from a baby ninja.  I tell ya what, Chuck Norris has nuthin' on my little powerhouse.

So there we were.  Quietly going about our normal lives in our living room when we found ourselves suddenly surrounded by ruffians.  Fiendish villains of the most diabolical sort had infiltrated our sanctuary, threatening to tickle us within an inch of our lives.

Thank goodness for BABY NINJA!

He kicks!

He tackles!

And he sure can pack a punch!

And when all hope seems lost and the vile ruffians seem sure to win the day, he goes to his super secret weapon....licking the shoulder.

And having a blast the entire time!

The city is safe once again, citizens.  Until next time.....

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