Monday, May 21, 2012

A Prayer for Whom my Heart Aches

What do you do when someone you love is hurting?  How do you find the right words to say when you can barely even remember to breathe?  What can you say when you're just as worried about driving them away as you are about them hanging up or shutting the door forever?  What steps can you take when you feel paralyzed out of fear for their well-being, when every option seems both right and wrong all at once.  When the lies have become so thick, the hurt so deep, and the questions so overwhelming, where can you turn?

We pray.

But how can we pray when we can't even articulate what we need?  How do we ask for help when we aren't even sure what help we seek?  What request can we make of the One who knows everything about the problem when we have no clue about how to pursue a solution?

I'm going with this:

Lord, today I pray for the one who will probably be furious to read this post.  I call out to you, Father, for the wisdom to know what to say and what to do.  Please enter into the heart of the one for whom my heart aches and remind them that they are your precious and beloved child and deserve to be treated as such.  Help them to seek you and to find the courage to ask the hard questions and make the right decisions.  Guide them, comfort them, give them strength.  Listen to my heart, Lord.  Amen.

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