Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Project Life Wednesday - Week 19

The Mom CreativeOnly a day late!  Not too shabby.  :)

Hello and welcome to Project Life Tuesday Wednesday! This is my third year of doing Project Life and I have found it to be so beneficial to have this post planned every week because then I have a standing deadline to get my photos done!  Some weeks might have more photos than others, some weeks will be missing days, but the goal remains a simple one: To provide a glimpse of our life and preserve it.  This isn't meant to be stressful.  It's a wonderful way to simplify scrapbooking and memory keeping.

If you're looking for inspiration on what others are doing with their Project Life, you can check out my board on Pinterest and be sure to link up on The Mom Creative!

(Click on any photo to see it larger.)
This was a big week!  We had a pretty high profile recall election on Tuesday and then I just ended up taking too many darn good photos of my kids mid-week and we had some events on Friday and Saturday.  All that adds up to two inserts - a 8.5x11 by WeR Memory Keepers and another one with six 4x4 pockets, also from WeR Memory Keepers
Left Page:

Evan got a shot of me planting one of my flower boxes and I was so proud that I managed to accomplish it without it looking terrible.  In the lower right corner is a photo of the headline from the Madison newspaper with the results of Tuesday's election.

Someone is fixing to crawl!!

These are both templates from Cathy Z that I just love, love, love.  I find them so useful!
8.5x11 Page:

I wrote a blog post about how the big boys have started to show the effects of Daddy being gone so much for work.  This is such an important aspect of our life right now that I thought it was important to document it.  I cropped the photo to 8.5x5 and then copied and pasted my blog post beneath it.

On the other side of this page is a collage of photos I created in Picasa from our night out on Friday with my sister-in-law.  I realize now that my Thickers are a bit crooked, but oh well!

WeR Memory Keepers Page:

My photos didn't turn out so well because the photo paper I printed them on is absolutely horrific.  That's what I get for buying it cheap from St. Vinnie's.  Anyway, all the photos are cropped to 4x4 except I put two on that last spot, so those are each 2x4.

I cut one of the 4x6 journaling cards from the Core Kit down to 4x4 and rounded the edges.  Then I added some washi tape and some Thickers to create the title before writing my journaling.

For the flip side, I included photos from our Reduced Fat Man's Easter celebration on Saturday!  I used the trick I learned from Jessica of numbering the photos (using stickers from the Cobalt Core Kit) and then journaling on one card.  Easy peasy!

Right Page:

This side is more "everyday" stuff.

I really like how this card turned out!  An Instagram cropped to 2x2 combined with a 3x2 screen shot from Evan's iPhone after I ran a 5K for the first time.  Washi tape, Thickers, BAM! 

Before we headed out on Friday night, my mother snapped this photo of us.  I really liked how it showed our progress on our weight loss journey so far, so I used it in THIS POST about how we've lost 110 pounds so far!  The journal card is from a SMASH pad

And all three of these photos make me smile.  Isaiah jumping on the big bubble wrap that came with my Project Life gear and making a big POP!, my wedding rings right before we took them in to the jeweler to finally get them finished, and Thomas eating his toes.  Just happy stuff there, folks.

Better late than never, right?  Off to link up at The Mom Creative!  See you next week!

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