Friday, May 4, 2012

Thomas - 8 Months

Look at that little stinker.

Don't you just want to squeeze him?  I know I do.  I spend a good portion of my day kissing those rosy cheeks and tickling those chubby thighs.  It's an addiction.

Thomas is such a unique baby.  He wants nothing to do with being on his tummy, but he is content to sit up like this for most of the day.  He's learned how to scoot across the room on his butt and he gets into mischief already!  Poor kid is a victim of Third Child Syndrome because he certainly doesn't have a big stock of his own special baby toys.  Instead, I just set the basket of his brothers' cars within his reach and he ends up being pretty happy.

The reason his looks so shiny in that photo is because I had just lubed him up from head to toe with Aquaphor because the poor child inherited his mother's dry skin to an extreme degree.  Sorry, buddy.

We went to the doctor for a follow-up appointment on Wednesday night and Thomas is right back to where he should be in regards to his fine motor skills.  He can now pass things from one hand to another, grab things with his fists, and shove finger foods into his mouth.  His language development is right on track too, as you can see demonstrated in this video

As far as teeth go, he now has two on bottom and is working on busting out those two on top.  They haven't reached the surface yet, but the redness on his cheeks combined with the faucet of snot that keeps gushing out of his nose leads me to believe they're coming soon.  Having teeth has definitely seemed to help with his eating struggles.  He has to have some finger foods to munch on at meal time, but at least we can now get him to eat spoonfuls of food if we sneak them into his mouth in between bites of his puffs, diced carrots, or potatoes. 

Love you so much, little boy!  Happy 8 Months!

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