Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fat Lady Sings

Yes, I do live in Wisconsin.  Did I do my civic duty today?

You betcha.

I was kind of bummed that I didn't get an "I Voted!" sticker at my dinky little polling place, but I was still pretty excited to get out and vote today in a historic recall election. 

Now, those who are close to me or have followed my blog long enough are going to know who I voted for, but I'm not going to talk about that now.  What I want to express is my desire for my state to move on.

The votes have been cast and Governor Walker has won. 

Continuing to throw stones, protest, snipe, and cause a scene at this point is only going to make Wisconsin look bad.  I applaud Mayor Barrett for encouraging those at his headquarters to look to the future of Wisconsin, but to respect that this chapter of Wisconsin history has come to an end.

It's been a hard year and a half that has caused a lot of hurt, ripped families apart, pitted neighbor against neighbor, and gouged deep wounds in many of our state's citizens.  It is my hope and prayer that we can move forward as a state because the nation is watching.  Please don't embarrass me.

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