Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hummus Love, Fig Leaves, and Doozies

Let's just start right out with a warning that this is going to be kind of a random post, topics flying around all willy-nilly without a whole lot of rhyme or reason.

I am obsessed with this sandwich.

And by "obsessed," I mean that I have eaten for lunch every. single. day. since I discovered its amazingness.  Let's talk about the new love of my life, the Turkey Hummus Sandwich.

I put out some feelers on Facebook and Twitter about hummus because I had heard about it and wondered how the heck you actually eat the stuff.  Frankly, pureed chickpeas really didn't sound very appetizing to me.  But.....then my genius friends told me to try the Roasted Red Pepper flavor.  Dip your veggies in it, use it as a dip for pita chips, or as a spread on a sandwich.

So I bought some of this:

And a package of these:

I spread a tablespoon of the hummus inside the flatbread pocket and then stuff in 3 oz. of deli turkey, some sliced red onion, romaine lettuce, and some red bell peppers.  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.  It's delicious, people. 

Here's the WW Points Plus breakdown for this sammie:
3 oz. deli turkey - 2 Points+
1 Brownberry Pocket Thin - 3 Points+
1 Tablespoon Athenos Roasted Red Pepper Hummus - 1 Point+
= 6 WW Points+

Yum.  I've been eating it with a side of fresh fruit, a Laughing Cow Cheese (usually 1 Points), and a few pita chips and extra hummus for dipping.  I just love that 2 Tablespoons of that hummus is only 1 point!  Try this one, y'all.

It makes me want to do naked back flips over the arm of the couch!


Despite my new love for this very healthy sandwich, I'm allowing myself to have an "off" week.  Evan's been gone for more than a week now, but we still have a long haul to go before he's back on this side of the planet.  It's started to take its toll on the boys and I have definitely hit my turning point.  This happens every business trip.  Things will be going along just swimmingly, but there's just a day that comes when things just shift and suddenly it isn't quite as easy any longer.  Patience is shorter, tempers flare more easily, and things just get that much tougher.  Everyone in this house has reached that point now and it's hard to deal with.  Oh, and did I mention that Micah is potty training?  Yup, I feel like I always have pee on me somewhere.  Is that normal?

I haven't felt well, I'm missing my man, and we're all lonely.  And Micah won't stop fondling his penis all the time.  So, I am giving myself a pass this week.  If I gain weight, so be it.  I'm more interested in staying sane and if that means less exercise, more chocolate, and a binge on wine and episodes of Downton Abbey, so be it.  It will be OK.

We have also experienced our first crawling-related injury.

In the battle of Thomas' head vs. TV stand, I would say the TV stand probably won.  He nailed it pretty hard and that mark hasn't really faded much over the last day or so.  Poor kid's just fine, but he definitely gave himself a doozie of a first owie!
I suppose I'd better go check and make sure Micah hasn't dropped a deuce in his Pull-Up and decided to mess with it like Play-Doh. 

Yup, I'm going to need some more wine.

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