Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Project Life Tuesday - Week 22

The Mom CreativeHello and welcome to Project Life Tuesday! This is my third year of doing Project Life and I have found it to be so beneficial to have this post planned every week because then I have a standing deadline to get my photos done!  Some weeks might have more photos than others, some weeks will be missing days, but the goal remains a simple one: To provide a glimpse of our life and preserve it.  This isn't meant to be stressful.  It's a wonderful way to simplify scrapbooking and memory keeping.

If you're looking for inspiration on what others are doing with their Project Life, you can check out my board on Pinterest and be sure to link up on The Mom Creative!

I'm kicking things off this week with a video that shows you all my inserts for the week plus a little sneak peek at what I'm working on for the back of my album.  Since I had three additional inserts this week, there was a lot to go through!  Check out the video below and then feel free to move along to the photos for more details!

(Click on any photo to see it larger.)

Left Page:

This page ended up coming across much more feminine than I usually do, but I'm really pleased with the result.  With so many inserts later in the week, I wanted to keep the photos pretty clean on the Design A pages, so I left them alone for the most part and let the journaling cards do the talking.

This letter I received from Evan's Grandma was so special to me.  I just had to include it!  I cut a piece of BH cardstock to 4x6 and used a Smash tag to make sure I knew to "Pull" it out to read the letter.  The "Mementos" sticker is on the outside of the page protector so it didn't mess with the paper.

Booyah!  This Cathy Z template highlights a really exciting moment for me! 

6x12 Insert:

I had two photos of Isaiah with my parents' new bunny (Betsy) that I just fell in love with.  They both cropped beautifully to 6x12 and then I put them both on a single 12x12 canvas and had it printed online at Persnickety Prints.  They do a GREAT job. 

Added some washi tape and Thickers for a title.

And then some more washi tape and a journaling sticker from Basic Grey to finish it off.

Design F:

I used this page protector to include all the rest of the photos from our Memorial Day festivities.  The technique of numbering the photos with the core kit stickers and writing all the journaling on a single 4x6 card worked really well here!

I had some horizontal photos I wanted to include in this set, so I cropped them to 3x2 so I could put two on a 3x4 vertical canvas. 

More of the same kind of thing on the flip side!

The bottom row of this side is dedicated to the little "incident" with my son and the toad.  He threw it at me.  He found it hilarious.  :)

Instagram Insert:

Based on an idea from Jessica at The Mom Creative, I used a coin collecting protector to showcase my favorite Instagrams from the month of May.  Somehow, things got goofy in the printing process and they didn't come out the way I cropped them.  Ideally, they should all be 2x2, but mine printed a bit smaller than that.  Oh well!

I did slice one column of squares off so I didn't have quite so many spots to fill.

Right Page:

Pretty simple on this page.  Photos, a journal card from a SMASH pad, and a Cathy Z template. 

There we go!  Week 22 in the books!

Have a great day!

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