Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thomas - 9 Months

Bah, I'm late on this post again!  How is it that the end of every month just sneaks up on me and that little buggar is another month older already? Not fair, I tell you.  Not fair.

So here we are.  Thomas is 9 months old now and oh my goodness, has he ever grown leaps and bounds in the last month.

He crawls now!  He crawls all over the place, all the time, all day long.  Thomas just loves to crawl over to the TV stand and try to rip the DVD player off the shelf or push buttons on the receiver.  Typical Kooiman, getting into as much mischief as possible at a young age.

Food still continues to be a struggle, but we find successes on a trial and error basis.  On some days, he will plow through an entire packet of baby food (usually a squash/pear or sweet potato/apple blend) at a meal, but usually we're lucky if he eats a third of it at a sitting.  However, he is still digging foods he can feed himself.  Yesterday, I gave him some hunks of watermelon from Micah's plate and he went crazy for it.  He also loves to attempt to eat spaghetti.

Adores his big brother, Isaiah.  Thomas will try to follow him around as much as possible!

Schedules are a struggle with Thomas.  Most of the time, we wants to take his morning nap around 10:00 am and sleeps for about an hour.  Afternoon nap is anywhere from 1:00 to 2:00 and he'll sleep until about 3:00.  Bedtime is tough.  The time he ends up in bed seems to vary from 7:30 to 8:30, depending on the night.  It makes it tough for me to try to keep him on a schedule, but he seems to really have a mind of his own with how his day is going to go.

Guess who got kicked out of the nursery at church on Sunday?  Yup.  This guy.  My number popped up on the screen before we had even sung ONE worship song and I had to go fetch this one from the arms of a poor young woman.  He may look innocent, but he's got a temper on him.

Nine months is such a fun age for a baby.  I'm a little scared at how close we are coming to his first birthday already, so I'm trying so hard to enjoy this time while it's here.  Pretty soon my last baby will be all grown up!

Happy Nine Months, kiddo!

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