Monday, July 2, 2012

Thomas - 10 Months!

Oh, my sweet baby boy.

After I took this photo (along with the other 2 dozen or so that I snapped in quick succession to make sure I got at least one good shot!) and put it in my folder along with the previous ones, I was just shocked to flip through and look at how much Thomas has grown.  He is tall, lean, and has only gotten cuter and cuter as the months have passed! 

Now 10 months old, Thomas is so busy!

He crawls all over the place.

He pull up on the couch, tables, or anything else he can get his little hands on.  When he sees something he really wants, he will cruise along the furniture to go get it.

Much to his big brother's delight, he has really taken to rough-housing like a pro.  Isaiah loves to wrestle with him and get Thomas involved in the Big Boy Games.

This past Sunday was the first time in three weeks he was able to stay in the nursery at church for the entire service!!!  Evan and I kept nervously glancing up at the screens to see if our number would pop up, but he made it!  So proud of our little guy.

Thomas is still so finicky when it comes to food. He does eat some baby food here and there, but he much prefers to feed himself finger foods if at all possible!  Favorite foods:  Chicken, pasta, scrambled eggs, toast, bananas, veggies.

This little stinker absolutely refuses to get on a good sleep schedule.  Try as I might to get him to nap at 10:00 and 2:00, he frequently throws a wrench in my plans.  He used to go to bed around 7:45, but there have been several nights recently when our night owl has been pushing 8:30 or 9:00!  Not cool, man. 

He just discovered he can make a clicking sound with his tongue and teeth.  It's so super cute.

I love the little language Thomas speaks.  I need to try to get a video of the "words" he uses to communicate.  It's unlike any of the first "words" his brothers ever said.  His favorite sound is this "He-Deh" sound that just makes him grin.  Yup....need a video.

Love you so much, kiddo!!  Happy 10 Months!

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