Monday, August 13, 2012

The Countdown

In a mere 10 days, a moving company will descend on our house and pack up our entire house.  As I look around me, I am still just stupefied at everything that I have to do yet to prepare for this transition!  Oh goodness.  So much purging, sorting, and packing has to get done!!

Add in all the time-consuming work that has to happen around here with all the arrangements that must be made (coordinating funds/closings for both houses with the bank, canceling utility services and scheduling new ones, finding a new doctor, etc.) and it makes for a pretty chaotic world right now. 

What's really funny is that Evan and I are already having heated discussions about what things should and shouldn't go in the new house and where particular items should go.  For example, I am of the opinion that we should mount our smaller flat screen TV on the living room wall so it doesn't dominate the room and take over focus from the fireplace.  I'm so excited to have a fireplace!!!  In typical guy fashion, he is convinced that we should keep the larger 42" TV in the living room, fireplace be darned.


So, this is the way things are shaking out for the next couple weeks.  This week is about purging, packing, cleaning, going to a job interview, and holding a moving sale.  I have a kind of farewell party at the end of the week that I'm really excited about, but I'm not looking forward to my last weekend of work at the restaurant I've loved working at for the last six years.  Next week will be crunch time.  Frenzied packing, intense scrubbing, and trying not to lose my mind.  The end of next week will culminate in the movers coming to pack up our house and move us out.  Then we'll be living in my in-laws' basement for the next few days until we close on our new home! 

Craziness. goal is to whip together a Project Life Tuesday post for tomorrow.  Not sure how successful I will be.  Keep your fingers crossed!!

The countdown is on.

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