Friday, September 28, 2012

Blog Your Heart - September

After a couple months on hiatus from Blog Your Heart, I think it's high time to jump back in.

New to Blog Your Heart?  Here's the scoop.  I wrote my first post a while back and the response was incredible.  Thank you again to Stephanie over at Just Me, My Soldier and our 4 little chicks for the inspiration! 

Here's how Stephanie describes Blog Your Heart on her blog:

1.Blog whatever is on your heart. It can be serious,silly,angry,happy,blunt,ridiculous. It can be ANYTHING but it has to be authentic.  The post can be long or short, doesn't matter.

2.No judging. No snarky comments, no making fun, no passive aggressive digs. If you are going to read the blogs linked in the comments, don't be mean.

Rule #3 (This one is from me....Sarah.  Hi.) - Since BYH is about being authentic and "out there," please do leave a comment to let me know you've read it.  Even if it's just a HI THERE, it's important to feel validated that we aren't putting our hearts out on our sleeves for nothing.

So there you have it!  It's not about writing the most flowery post with earth-shattering truths.  It's just about getting it out there.  If you're writing a BYH this month, feel free to include a link in the comments. 

Here we go.

1.  After the unfortunate incident some time ago where I licked chocolate off the back of my hand only to discover it was actually poop, I've been very apprehensive about the whole "Poop or Food?" question.  This created a very stressful clean-up situation after Thomas threw raisins all over the kitchen floor on the same day he had 3 poopy diapers. 

2.  My husband and I are arguing about the front door.  I want to paint it because I think it looks a bit faded and drab.  I see so many wonderful, cheery, bright front doors that instantly boost a house's curb appeal, like THIS ONE!!  Of course, I'm thinking more of a pretty emerald or hunter green to go with our house's siding, but Evan is dead set against this.  He says he doesn't want the front door to look....wait for it...."painted."  The battle continues.

3.  I'm struggling to feel like I belong in the "small" group I was assigned to for my Tuesday night class at our new church.  It has about 16 women in it which I feel is too large.  It makes me feel overwhelmed and a little uncomfortable sharing sometimes.  Plus, our leader is very spontaneous and free-flowing which can be a challenge for my Type A personality to handle.  Perhaps God is trying to teach me how to let loose a bit?  Time will tell, but the ladies are really nice so I am looking forward to seeing what I can learn from them.

4.  My group of moms at my Wednesday morning group at church is INCREDIBLE.  They are without doubt, no question whatsoever, an answer to my prayer that God would lead me to the friends I need here.  Praise the LORD!!!

5.  I have fallen more than a month behind on Project Life now and I feel like I am buried so deep that I'm scared to even attempt to get caught up because I'll end up feeling too overwhelmed and just quit.

6.  My mother just got a job working at a bakery at a grocery store from 10 pm to 6 am.  She hates it.  The work and the hours are just too hard on her, but she feels like she has no choice but to work it anyway due to some circumstances that have arisen.  This makes me angry and I am praying fervently that God will provide for her and bring her to a job more appropriate for her health, age, and circumstances. 

7.  Speaking of anger, this is an area I am really, REALLY struggling with recently.  I think it's a combination of lack of sleep, abundance of items on my To-Do list, and other stresses compounding to make me quick to anger.  Trying really hard to nip this one in the bud and have found myself re-reading verses from Proverbs a lot lately.

8.  I still miss my friends.  I especially miss my buddy Jodi because she was my favorite person to banter back and forth with.  Her quick wit and sharp tongue were often just what I needed to get me laughing so hard I would pee my pants just a little bit.  I think I'll call her today.

9.  Sometimes, when I look in the mirror, I still see myself as weighing more than 200 pounds.

10.  I'm terrified of gaining the weight back, but I have gotten frustrated lately and have felt myself starting to lose focus on my health and maintaining my weight.  I haven't been running as much as I would like because we're still trying to get the hang of our new schedule around here, especially with my new job.  Tracking my points hasn't been a priority and things like OREOS have been leaping off the grocery store shelf and landing in my cart somehow.  I really need to speak to the manager at the Pick 'n Save about this.

11.  Evan goes to China soon and I need to get someone to watch the boys for nine different nights so I can go to work.  So far, I have one of these nights covered.  This stresses me out.

12.  We're still trying to make it really feel like home, but we really love living here.  The city is awesome, our house is wonderful and the potential excites me, and Target is just down the street!  What's not to love? 

13.  Pumpkin butter has become an obsession.  You can find the recipe on my Facebook page!

September's spewings are now complete.  What's going on with you today?

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