Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Project Life Tuesday - Week 31

The Mom CreativeHello and welcome to Project Life Tuesday! This is my third year of doing Project Life and I have found it to be the perfect system for the "practical scrapbooker."  Some weeks might have more photos than others, some weeks will be missing days, but the goal remains a simple one: To provide a glimpse of our life and preserve it.  This isn't meant to be stressful.  It's a wonderful way to simplify scrapbooking and memory keeping.

If you're looking for inspiration on what others are doing with their Project Life, you can check out my board on Pinterest and be sure to link up on The Mom Creative!

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I'm so behind, but I suppose that is to be expected considering the move, job hunt, and all the other stuff that's been happening lately.  I'm just hoping to chip away at it and get there eventually!
Week 31: July 29 - Aug 4
This week was super busy and I ended up using one insert to showcase a couple special events - PBS Kids Get Up and Go Day and another little secret activity.
Left Page:

I used a Cathy Z template to make the "Week in Review" card, an Ali Edwards digital stamp for "Monday," and another Cathy Z Tiny Template for the "Sign Here Please." 

I kid you not; I really was thinking I might be pregnant.  I was so glad to only see one line!!
Design D:
The front side of this insert is all about the PBS Kids Get up and Go Day on Friday.  I brought the kids to this event on the UW Madison campus and it was really very cool.  Micah was less than impressed with most of it, but Isaiah had a ball!  He even got to be on live TV and he saw himself on the screen at home when it re-aired later. 

Steve Songs got such a kick out of Isaiah extending his hand for a hand shake when they met.  I do need to work with my boy on not limp-wristing it though.

The flip side of the Design D is all about a little excursion I took that checked something off my "Before I Turn 30" bucket list, but the sake of privacy I am only going to give you a little sneak peek.
Right Side:
Sorting, purging, and packing....again.  The boys got a new book!  I went wedding dress shopping with my little sister and ended up having to take all 3 boys with me due to a last minute scheduling snafu with Evan's work.  They were surprisingly well-behaved and I think Erica had a good time.

Ok, so that's Week 31.  Stay tuned for Week 32 soon to follow and we'll see if I can't slowly but surely get caught back up.

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