Wednesday, September 26, 2012

There's Pee Everywhere

You know, most of the time I love being a "Boy Mom."  The clothes are easy, the toys are simple, and I don't have to worry about things like hair ties, accessories and tights.  The only hair battle I have to fight is holding my kids still as they scream and writhe in the chair while we take the clippers to their head about once a month.  Of course, they know there's a sucker in the deal for them when it's over so usually it isn't nearly as traumatic as it sounds.

But there is one thing about my sons that drives me crazy.....the pee.

Let's talk about my Micah John, shall we?  He's always good for a blog post, that boy.  He's just barely three, but really big for his age, as most of you know.  I was totally A-OK with him sitting down to go potty for as long as possible, but I overheard Evan in there with him the other day giving him some good ole Daddy encouragement to stand up and let 'er rip.  Immediately I voice my concerns and am rebuked with the standard "He's a boy!" response.  Micah has been having a lot of problems lately with peeing in his pants simply because he gets too busy or too focused on playing that he forgets to take a break to go to the bathroom, so it was my hubby's hope that getting to go "like a big boy" might help him avoid accidents.  The logic was there, so I went with it.

Of course, the next time I'm the one home with him when he needs to go potty, he proceeds to whip it out and shoot pee all over the wall, all over the toilet, and all down the side of the vanity.  I swear, he got it everywhere except in the toilet bowl.  We both got upset and he did help me clean it up.  I thought for sure Micah would understand that he just wasn't ready for this and sit down for a while yet.

I was wrong.  A few hours later, he was back at it.  I tried to tell him to sit down, but my obstinate little buggar cried, "No!  I do it!  I stand up go potty!!"  Gotta let him learn somehow, right?  Ok, Micah.  Give it a shot.

I think that round cost me about 4 Lysol wipes.

Over and over we did this.  Between the pee-soaked undies, the pee-soaked jeans, the pee-soaked pajamas and the pee sprayed all over the bathroom, I was starting to really lose my mind.  I could smell it everywhere I went.

There is pee everywhere, I thought to myself.  It permeated everything and it made me so uncomfortable.  I felt like anyone who walked in my front door would be able to detect the odor of urine and would likely turn around and run screaming back the way they came.

Finally, I exerted my will on Micah and insisted he sit back down on the potty.  He cried and pitched a fit, but I held firm.  I was NOT about to hose the room down every time we had a potty break, for crying out loud!  Ever so gently, I felt a voice whisper in the back of my head.....

It's frustrating when the child won't listen to instruction despite the obvious mess they're making, isn't it Sarah?


Instead of listening to the instruction of the One who clearly knows how to help me avoid making a disaster of things, I insist on doing it my way.  I pitch a fit and kick and scream and do things the way I WANT to do them, by golly.  So I go for it.  I decide I'm big people now and clearly I know what's best and I opt for yelling at my kids rather than giving them the firm yet loving discipline they need.  I chose to avoid taking the tough steps God is calling me to take because I'm just not really interested in doing that right now.  I focus on getting more, being more, doing more to please the people around me rather than seeking God first. 

And oh what a mess I've made.  And it's going to take a lot more than a few Lysol wipes to clean it up.  Because my mess-ups are serious.  My failures have eternal consequences that have frustrated my Father and separated me from him.  No, a disinfecting wipe won't even touch the destruction I've created. 

I get so worked up and so upset with Micah during these moments in the bathroom, but at least he's a toddler.  He's still learning how to control his functions and motor skills so he can actually execute this action properly.  And really, all it takes is a few seconds to hose it down and the mess is washed away, leaving a fresh lemony scent in its wake.

My sins are more than just uncomfortable for my Father.  Holiness simply cannot associate with sins.  My mess is so awful, so disastrous, and so rank that it takes the blood of Jesus, the perfect Son of God, to cleanse it away. 

So maybe, just maybe, I can learn to cut Micah a little slack.  As much as I hate it when I feel like there's pee everywhere, it's really just a small phase of life that they'll eventually grow out of......right?  As for me, it will be a life-long struggle to keep from making the same mess over and over again.  I will fail time and time again, but I praise God for the abundant grace that washes it clean and makes me sparkle, blameless and spotless so I can enter into his loving presence without shame or fear.

Yes, friends.  There are lessons to be learned even in the potty.

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