Friday, October 12, 2012

Five Days Down

Holy cow, is it seriously Friday already?  I have officially discovered the secret to making these weeks without Evan go as quickly as possible.  Just keep really, REALLY busy.  Today is the first day all week that we haven't had something going on.  Between church, work, and visits from Grandma and the boys' new BFF (my friend Rachael who babysat the kids for me last night and by some miracle still wants to be friends with me this morning), we haven't really had a day without something on the agenda.

Today we're just going to kind of be homebodies, I think.  I might actually do some laundry or sweep the floor or something wild like that.  If I get really ambitious, I might even try to make my bed, but let's not get carried away. 

Here's what our week has looked like while Evan is in China.

On Sunday we went back to my hometown for a birthday celebration for my Grandma.  I ate way too many foods that were really bad for my Points total (i.e. Peanut Butter M&Ms, chips & dip, chocolate cake), but I was trying to drown my sorrows about the Packers losing in embarrassing fashion to the Colts.  Plus, I was trapped in the chair because this was happening.

After the party, my kids left their mark in a new concrete slab at my parents' house.

On Monday afternoon, a new toy arrived in the mail!  We cashed in Evan's airline miles to get this for free and I fully intend to keep it a secret from the kids for as long as possible.
I ran out of coffee, which became very problematic when Thomas was waking up in the middle of the night and then refusing to nap while his big brothers helped make things look like this:

Isaiah took a trip to the fire station with his 4K class (see his cool new hat above), Micah pooped his pants, and I bought more coffee.  Most nights, I've been getting home from work with just enough energy left to crash into bed and watch a little Game of Thrones on the iPad before I find myself passing out.  Seriously, the coffee consumption this week has been pretty ridiculous.

This morning, I slept until 7:15.  Why?  Because the kids let me.  I dropped Isaiah off at 4K without a stitch of makeup on and I didn't even care.

I did do a teeny little happy dance when I saw this pop up on my phone though:

Young House Love tweeted me!!!  Yes, I'm a dork.

Speaking of dorks, check out how Micah goes grocery shopping.

For a split second, I really thought he was going to try to climb up into that tunnel he dug on that shelf of pancake mix.  Oh, would that have been a fun one to explain to the manager.
How is your week going?

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