Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Project Life Tuesday - The "I'm So Behind" Edition

This is the tough thing about working on a scrapbook that documents your life on a weekly basis: LIFE DOESN'T STOP.  Through things like moving to a new city, searching for and starting a new job, playing the single parent for two weeks, and managing a house with three kids at the center, time marches on and likes to remind you that you are more than a month behind on that scrapbook!

I love Project Life, don't get me wrong.  In its design, it oozes convenience and simplicity.  But to create the kind of album I want, it does require a time commitment that I just haven't had available recently. 

After Evan got back from China, I was fortunate enough to be granted a "Mom's Day Off" where I got to close myself off in the bedroom and just attack my Project Life.  There were hundreds of photos to sort through and I planned out 4 weeks worth of layouts before I sent my prints to Walgreens.  Unfortunately, I forgot to upload a handful of my photos.

You guys, I worked for hours.  All day long.

And this is what I have to show you:

I had materials thrown all over my bed and the floor.  It was a mess.  And the only reason I was able to even work on my album at all is because I finally dug my paper trimmer out of a moving box in the basement.  All my materials are still packed away in boxes and I got frustrated when I was pulling out random packages of Thickers, embellishments, and punches that were once neatly organized in their drawers in my scraproom.  Perhaps it was the mindset, the distractions of working at a makeshift folding table desk, or maybe it was just the daunting task of working from so far behind, but I didn't get nearly as far as I wanted to.

Not a single full week was finished.

Now, I'm not linking up with The Mom Creative this week to toss my blog in the ring of the numerous others that provide incredible inspiration for crazy amazing layouts.  Like Jessica's post this morning, mine is more of a reminder that life happens and sometimes we let it get the best of us.  Getting behind is hard and it is frustrating.  The important thing is to keep going.  Keep taking photos.  Keep working on documenting those memories whenever you can, however you can.  Falling behind is understandable, but in my mind quitting is unacceptable.  There are just way too many great memories that are still happening while all that crazy life stuff is taking place!  I'm going to be fighting an uphill battle with my album for a while, especially until I can get my materials organized and a space to work set up. 

Keep at it!!

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