Sunday, October 7, 2012

While the Man's Away....

....this girl's gonna PLAY!

Ok, so not really.  But, I do plan on making sure to take care of some orders of business while I'm the head honcho around here and Evan's off gallivanting on the other side of the planet. 

Stuff I'm Going to Do While Evan is in China:

1.  Take up the entire bed and not even feel bad about it.

2.  Give myself some grace when it comes to maintaining the house.  When Evan is home, I feel like it is my "wifely duty" to make sure the kids' crap is picked up, the counters are wiped and clear, the bed is made, and things are in a a fair degree of order.  Until he gets back, it's just me, the kids, and some babysitters who love us all to death.  Dust bunnies be darned.  Mama's cutting herself some slack, peeps.
3.  Watch my bed....with a bowl of chocolate frozen yogurt.  And no, I am absolutely NOT doing this right now as I write this post.  You can't prove anything!!!!
4.  Put together outfits that would make my husband scratch his head.  I'm working on rebuilding my wardrobe and I'm bound and determined to not be Frumpy Mommy anymore.  I just a pair of skinny jeans hemmed and I found a new belt on sale so I'm busting out some crazy combos to see how I like it.  For your consideration, I give you the outfit I wore to my grandmother's birthday party:
Turquoise straight cords (LOFT), Polka Dot Blouse (The Limited), Leopard print belt (The Limited), black flats (Payless from a LONG time ago).  See what I mean?  WILD!!!  This outfit is a big step out of the box for me, but I have found I am OBSESSED with those turquoise cords and I am just looking for an excuse to wear them again.  I'm glad we can have this talk.  I certainly can't chat about fashion when Evan's around.
5.  Work on Project Life.  I have two weeks sketched out of planning pages, but I have a long way to go.  I would love to get 2 more weeks down on paper before I print the photos and get to work on assembling them.
6.  Send out invitations to the Big's birthday party.  Oh my word, you guys.  I ordered the most darling invites for their superhero birthday party.  You are just going to die when you see them.  Can't wait to set them in the mail!
7.  Play with a new toy that should be arriving on my doorstep Monday morning.  No spoilers for right now though!
8.  Work my butt off, keep up with my church schedule, and enjoy some time with my Mommy group! 
9.  Miss my man like crazy because pretty much all of this stuff is way more fun with him around. 
And here's your obligatory "Cute Kid Photo" for today's post:
Happy Sunday evening, everyone.  Hope you have a wonderful week!

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