Monday, November 19, 2012

Grand Theft Vegetable

Let's pretend for a moment that this blog post is my application for the Mom of the Year Award 'cuz I'm about to tell you a little story that will seal the deal for that baby landing on my mantel.

As part of the big birthday festivities for the Bigs, we scored tickets to take them to Veggie Tales Live since it was coming right to our town, literally just down the street.  It fell right into our laps!  Considering how much our kids love Veggie Tales, it was a no-brainer.

The little guy there stayed home with a babysitter while we brought the big boys to the local church for the concert.  We kept it a secret from them until we got in line to find our seats and then we broke the news that they were going to get to see Bob and Larry.

This reaction shot really epitomizes my older children.  Oy.

So, while we waited in line to be admitted to the auditorium, the kids noticed the merchandise table set up with all the t-shirts, toys, and other Veggie Tales related swag displayed in tantalizing fashion.  I ran interference and was able to corral the boys back to the line without much of an incident and I asked Evan if we were going to get anything for them to commemorate the evening.  Wisely, my husband said we should skip spending the money on the extra stuff.

We settled in and the concert began.  The kids were so excited to see Bob and Larry!

Oh, and Junior Asparagus was there too!

They sang and danced in the aisles.

Then intermission hit and Evan took Micah on a potty break.  While they were gone, Isaiah and I went for a little walk to shake out some of the ants in his pants.  We wandered back to the gymnasium where we had lined up earlier and Isaiah made a beeline for the goody table once again.  It took him all of 12 seconds to focus on the new Veggie Tales DVD, The League of Incredible Vegetables.  I explained that Daddy and I had decided we wouldn't be buying anything tonight.

He proceeded to have. a. fit.  A royal fit.  There was stomping.  Screaming.  Tears.  I grabbed his arm and tried to firmly direct him away from the crowd swarming around us.

And in my horror....I looked down....

.....and saw the DVD in his hand.

Yup.  My kid stole at a Veggie Tales a church.

I've got the perfect spot for that trophy on the left side of the fireplace.  It's going to look awesome.

I marched his little tushy right back up to the table where he had to give the movie back, tell the woman working what he did, and apologize.  He continued to throw a huge tantrum the entire walk back to our seats where I told that boy to plunk his butt right back in his seat and ohmygoodness just you WAIT until your Daddy gets back.  I sent Evan a text reading, "Where are you?" so I could give him a heads up about the firestorm he was about to return to.

Not even 60 seconds later, Evan comes marching back to our seats and with a huge grin on his face, he holds out a brand new League of Incredible Vegetables DVD to his eldest son.  Isaiah jumps up with glee and squeals, "Thank you Daddy!"  My jaw drops and I gape at him like a fish while I hold out my hands palms up.  He looks at me and says....


Mom of the Year.  It's a lock.

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