Friday, November 16, 2012

The Hunt for Me Time

It's easy for me to get jealous when I get home from serving a party of 112 people and walk in to my living room to find my husband doing this:

The fireplace, the glow of the little Christmas tree in the window, a comfy couch, and good book.  Add in a glass of Prairie Fume and you've got my perfect evening right there. 

Our schedules right now don't leave much room for this, so I know Evan was really appreciating his quiet time.  On the days that I have to work, Evan comes in the door and we have approximately 30 seconds to talk to one another about what the plan is for the rest of the evening and discuss anything catastrophic that took place during the day before I have to run out the door and head to work.  Sometimes we even have to discuss the Day's Report over the phone while I drive.  By the time I get back home at night (sometimes after going to work out at the gym), I find myself struggling to stay awake to enjoy any grown-up time with my hubby.  I even fell asleep during The Avengers the other night. 

I started reading a book in August and I'm only on page 201. 

Every couple months or so, I meet up with a dear friend from high school back in our hometown and we enjoy super-fattening pizza and beer while we chatter away for hours on end.  I go to a moms group for mothers of small children at my church twice a month.  I beg Evan to let me go to the grocery store or Target by myself. 

You see, I crave the kind of time that Evan is enjoying up there.  He works so hard to provide for our family and on top of it he has to prepare dinner for the boys on the nights that I work.  He is also the official Laundry Folder of our home and Master of Bedtimes.  He does a LOT.  It works out nicely that once the boys are asleep in their beds, he can settle in to the world of Tom Clancy and The Hunt for Red October

But I envy him. 

Is it wrong that part of me is looking forward to when the boys are in school all day and I can reclaim some Me Time?

How do you make alone time a priority?  Is there some kind of magic spell I can order on Amazon to insert another 3 or 4 hours into my day?


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