Friday, December 7, 2012

Feng Shui and Superman's Hissy Fit

Not sure if I've said this recently, but I really do love the big ole can of crazy that is my life.

I called Evan at work this morning and told him to please pick up some childproof locks for the movie drawers because "I just can't take it anymore."

What?  You mean you aren't greeted by Batman at 7:06 in the morning?  That's just me?

Thomas was a bit concerned by the lack of Feng Shui in our living room, so he decided to take care of that for me.  He's so thoughtful. 

He's a bit confused on the whole process of feeding someone else, but Thomas still got a kick out of sticking this spoon in Evan's mouth and watching him spit it back out.  

Oh, and Superman up there?  Yeah, he's in the middle of a hissy because I told him we were having cauliflower for dinner instead of broccoli.  I posted that one on Instagram with the hashtag #seriously.

And some days, it is just plain chaotic.  Sometimes I try to do my Bible study in the midst of it all and I end up being interrupted by Spiderman on a motorcycle or Superman attempting to eat a monster truck.  Thank goodness for PIXAR or I might never get anything accomplished!  (Yup, yet another thing I told myself I would never do before I actually became a parent and realized I was crazy.)

It's wild.  It's crazy.  This world with three boys is just a whirlwind every day and I never know what they're going to throw at me.  Today, Isaiah came out of his bedroom wearing his pajamas and snow boots.

I'm just madly in love with those stinkers.

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