Monday, December 17, 2012

Running to His Arms

Sunday morning I cried during church.  Nothing much new there because I often get caught up in the emotion of worship and find myself unable to control the waterworks.  But today, I just got taken off guard and I was this close to having to sit down and compose myself.

As we sang this song to our Lord, I couldn't help but really dwell on the words.

You are good, You are good  
When there's nothing good in me  
You are love, You are love  
On display for all to see  
You are light, You are light  
When the darkness closes in  
You are hope, You are hope 
You have covered all my sin
You are peace, You are peace  

When my fear is crippling  
You are true, You are true 
Even in my wandering  
You are joy, You are joy  
You're the reason that I sing 
You are life, You are life, 
In You death has lost its sting
Oh, I'm running to Your arms, 

I'm running to Your arms 
The riches of Your love 
Will always be enough 
Nothing compares to Your embrace 
Light of the world forever reign

At a time when things look so dark and the sting of death is so sharp, we can look to Him.  As I raised my voice in praise (admittedly somewhat off-key), I imagined Jesus kneeling down with his arms wide open in a warm embrace ready to welcome those 20 children as they ran into his arms.  Nothing compares to his embrace.  It was just too much.  The image of those beautiful children running into the arms of their Savior had me crying.  I imagined the countless hugs I have shared with my sons and how heart-breaking it would be to lose them.  At the same time, I earn for the day when I too will run into the arms of Jesus, when I will never again have to experience the sorrows of this world. 

May we continue to seek him, even on days when the darkness seems so deep and God seems so distant.  

He is good.  He is peace.  He is still on the throne.  Be strong and wait on Him.  Come quickly, Lord Jesus.  Rescue us from this world where men cause such pain and suffering.  

Speaking of embraces, I have spent a lot of time since Friday giving some serious snuggles to my loves.

Have a blessed Monday, friends.  In the words of one of my favorite preachers, "You are loved."

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