Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - Inaugural Edition

Just for the record, I am not at all what I would consider to be "stylish."  In fact, in the past I would have described my style using words like


One Christmas, my darling mother-in-law gave me the most amazing boots in the history of ever.  I loved these boots.  Calf high, brown leather, comfy enough to wear all day long.  I got so excited that I ran out and bought a pair of this new style of jeans that all the skinny girls were wearing called.....wait for it...."skinny jeans."  I crammed those puppies into my new boots and tossed on a flowy top from Old Navy thinking I was going to look just like The Pioneer Woman.

December 2010

Admittedly, not terrible.  I mean, I don't look like a complete train wreck or anything, but it's not quite there.  A for effort though.  But the boots.  Aren't they awesome?  

Ok, so pretty much immediately after I took this photo, I found out I was pregnant with Thomas.  Things started to swell.  My belly, my cankles, my thighs.  Needless to say, the boots had to be put on hiatus for a while.

Last fall I busted those beauties out once again, ready to enjoy their loveliness once more.  Only, they didn't fit.  I tried and I tried, but nothing I could do would make them zip up.

I had gotten too fat for my boots.

Wake. Up. Call.

Who gets too fat for BOOTS???!!!

This girl, that's who.  So, I did something about it and now I get to rock those beasts whenever I want....with room to spare.  :)

Where am I going with all this insane boot talk?  

I got an email from a girlfriend the other day wondering where I was shopping these days now that I have a "slightly" different size than I used to and I am experimenting a bit more with style.  So, I thought I'd jump in on the bandwagon that is "What I Wore Wednesday."  There's a big link-up over at The Pleated Poppy where oodles and oodles of women provide links to blog posts where they showcase the outfits they are wearing that week.  It's a great opportunity to share a great outfit you wore as well as to find inspirations for new ones.

Now, I'm still certainly no fashionista or anything, but I think it will be fun!  I'll be starting off by sharing some of the Instagram photos I have taken of outfits over the past several weeks that I haven't really featured here on the blog, but you will have seen them if you follow me on Instagram.  I'll share where I got each item and link up at The Pleated Poppy. we go!

Above photo:  Brown cardigan from Target, Striped tank from LOFT, Skinny jeans from New York & Company, boots are b.o.c. (received as a gift in 2010)

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