Thursday, January 10, 2013

Teal Musings

My mom came over earlier this week and we went to Target to shop for my sister's baby shower.  I'd show you a picture of the mess of gifts and pink wrapping paper that was spewed all over my kitchen table, but I don't want my sis to stumble across the blog and have the surprise ruined before the shower.  What I will tell you is this - the clearance items at Target were OUT. OF. CONTROL.  By some miracle, all three of my kids were perfect angels for the entire two hours my mother and I shopped in Target and we ended up scoring big time on some baby items for my sister and on clothes for my boys.  It was all I could do to keep from throwing entire aisles worth of stuff in my carts because there are some crazy beautiful things in the home decor section of Target right now.

This coffee mug was halfway into my cart before I got control of myself and put it back on the shelf.  I don't even want to talk about the pain it caused me to walk away from the teal chevron throw pillow.

On a somewhat related note, I want to redecorate my entire house.  Using teal.

I'm fairly certain Evan wouldn't really be on board with this plan.  I blame LOFT and the teal cords for this entire spiral into madness.  Or perhaps it all started with the teal iPhone case?  Hard to tell where one's psychosis begins, isn't it?

Speaking of crazy, I have to tell you that I have been feeling about a single card short of a full deck 'o crazy the past couple days.  I had an amazing day on Sunday where I was able to visit our old 'hood and reconnect with some wonderful friends.  I even got to meet this lovely little lady:

Right??!!  I know.  That is one beautiful baby.  I snuggled her, held her and rocked her gently while I chatted away with her mama and another dear friend of mine.  She still had THAT SMELL, that incredible newborn smell that makes your uterus twitch.  Only....mine didn't twitch.  I handed that gorgeous girl back to her mama without a single moment of "Well....maybe just ONE more?" crossing my mind.

Within 24 hours of loving on Miss Lovely up there, I had dealt with so much whining, screaming, tantrums, and potty accidents that I felt so frustrated.  I felt like a disgruntled employee who had just had it about up to here with hearing about those TPS reports and I was ready to throw up my hands and go beat the heck out of a copy machine.  I felt as though all the things I said and did during the day were going completely to waste as my kids couldn't give a horse's patoot about any of it.  They barely even noticed when I left for work. 

The next morning, I brought up the idea of a vasectomy to my husband.

But then my mama visited (see how this is coming full circle?) and they were so wonderful in Target.  They behaved.  They smiled.  They laughed.  They drew me beautiful pictures in the snow.  

My mom reminded me that my kids are happy and they know how to love because they are clearly loved.  Later that night, this one took a digger and face planted right into the floor.  As the tears streamed down, he only wanted two things: His Blankee and His Mommy.

It can be tough.  There are days when I certainly feel like I just might set the building on fire because someone took my stapler.  But I am blessed to be surrounded by a family that loves me.  My husband can read me so well that he went out of his way to take care of some things around the house this week that made me feel immediately appreciated.  My mother offered me the reassurance that my kids are not showing any early serial killer tendencies.  And my kids never fail to melt my heart just before I have a nervous breakdown and start painting the walls teal and calling the hospital to schedule Evan's surgery.

I love them so much and I know I am loved too.  I am surrounded by blessings.  

But seriously.  TEAL.

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