Monday, January 21, 2013

Temporarily Sassy

Not gonna lie, folks.  I've started and erased a new post at least three times now.  I'm kind of at a loss about what to share with you. 

I could tell you about a secret project I've been working on all morning, but then the wrong people would read all about it and my secret would be ruined!  Can't wait to let you all in on it though. 

Isaiah didn't have school today so I originally thought about taking the kids to the zoo to get some inaugural use out of our freshly purchased zoo pass, but then I realized it was going to be so cold today that staying inside in comfy clothes under a snuggly blanket sounded much more alluring.  So, instead we have been watching Veggie Tales videos and playing with dominoes.  And working on a secret project, of course.  :)

I will confess to you that I am putting off taking a shower as long as possible because I want to preserve my new hairstyle for a couple more days.  Here's the before.....

and the AFTER!

As you can see, I was long overdue for a cut and then my brand new stylist asked if I wanted her to style it curly or if I would like it flat ironed.  Since I haven't seen my hair straight in several years, I figured I would go for it! 

If I'm being perfectly honest, I was feeling pretty sassy most of the day after I left the salon.  I took more "selfies" on my phone than usual so I apologize if you follow me on Instagram and you were suddenly bombarded by photos like this:

and this:

And if I'm being really, REALLY honest....I'd have to tell you that I totally had the song "I'm Sexy and I Know It" running through my head as I snapped the photo above.  So you see, the longer I can put off that shower, the longer I can hang on to this sleek hairstyle that had people doing double-takes all weekend.

It made a girl feel good.

I'll go away now and come back when I'm back to my somewhat frumpy yet much more humble state.  I've still got a bit too much strut in my step to be comfortable being a mommy blogger right now. 

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