Thursday, January 24, 2013


As I type this post, I have the toe of my boot wrapped around the kitchen chair next to me and I'm hearing a consistent screeching noise out of my wee one.  Why, you might ask?

This is why:

Unless I keep that chair firmly secured with my foot, the little buggar pulls it out and climbs on top of it, only to set his sights on loftier goals and mount the kitchen table.  And so far no amount of firm toned, "No Thomas!" is doing a lick of good. 

If anyone has any brilliant ideas on how to keep my baby from climbing up on the table, pushing every single button in the house, opening every single door, pulling every single item off shelves, ruining every single magazine, or rip pages out of every single book.....I'm all ears.

You would think I would have a better handle on this stage by my third child, but apparently I am just as clueless as a rookie!

To make up for the headache he had caused me with his table-climbing antics, Thomas enlisted the help of his brothers two superheroes to help tidy up a bit.

I'm just grateful he didn't stick the mop-head in his mouth at any point. And I know it freaks my mother in law out that Thomas isn't wearing any socks, but I swear to you....the child takes them off immediately.  Apart from keeping shoes on him all day long, there's not much I can do to keep him from going barefoot all the time. 

There also seems to be little I can do to keep him from trying to eat the remote controls. 

He's going to be twice as mischievous as his older brothers put together, mark my words.


  1. My oldest won't keep socks on her feet either. She gets that straight from me though. I hate wearing socks inside.

  2. If it weren't so cold, I would be skipping the socks too!

  3. Ahh, no socks on those baby toes is priceless. Don't let that little thing stress you out. There are much more pertinent things like keeping that baby off the table. LOL!

    I had one suggestion, don't know if it is feasible in your house. But, what if you stacked the chairs and set them in a corner so he had nothing to climb up on to get to the table top? Or you could invest in one of those plastic gate yards and "gate in" the table so he can't get to it?

  4. We've gotten to the point where we keep our dining room chairs turned over on their sides. My two boys are climbing monkeys!


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