Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday - Polka Dot Blouse

Sorry about missing last week's WIWW post.  I think I was feeling a bit frumpified by the lack of new photos to share with you, so I opted to just skip it.  I think I need to get better about just taking the photos, regardless of whether I think it's the sassiest outfit ever or not.

Today I am sharing a collection of outfits that I wore using my polka dot blouse.  I found this blouse on the clearance rack at The Limited and it's been a really fun piece to have in my closet.  I have LOVED it with some outfits and others....not so much.

 Polka dot blouse - The Limited, Purple cardigan - LOFT, Leopard print belt - The Limited, Hudson Jeans - Macy's, Black boots - no clue (had 'em forever)

Ok, so this blouse.  It had this tie/ruffle/thingy in the front that adds a very feminine touch.  Love it.  But, I think it needs to be grounded in something a but more structural than this cardigan.  A blazer, perhaps?  

 Turquoise cords - LOFT, same belt and blouse, Black flats - Payless

This one was a swing and a miss.  I thought it could make this blouse work with my turquoise cords, but it really didn't.  I think my midsection ended up looking much too heavy.

 Mustard Sweater - The Limited, same blouse, same jeans and boots as top photo

In my opinion, this outfit worked the best.  It was slimming, yet the polka dot blouse peeking out from underneath the sweater provided some visual interest.  Unfortunately, the sweater is just sheer enough that you can see the polka dots through it, so it does look a bit goofy up close.  Plus, I just feel like it needs a bit more color.

That's all I've got with that blouse so far, but I'm determined to find an outfit that makes it look fabulous.  Any ideas?

Linking up once again over at The Pleated Poppy for some amazing fashion inspiration!

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