Friday, February 22, 2013

My Fierce Friend Jodi

Indulge me for a moment today while I embarrass the crap out of my friend Jodi. 

I don't think I have ever encountered someone who works as hard as she does.  I swear, if I hear her excitedly exclaim "I got another job!" one more time, I just may have to drive the two hours up to her town so I can firmly grasp her shoulders and shake the daylights out of her.

She is the snarkiest person I know.  Her quick wit paired with her no-nonsense approach to life makes her easy to talk to and even easier to banter with.  She quickly became an institution at our mom & pop style restaurant.  She'd push the homemade pie on you to the point that you feel like if you refuse, you'd be disappointing her and she might come set your house on fire.  In the very next second you would be convinced that you are falling madly in love with her.

Despite having absolutely ZERO free time, she makes an intentional effort to carve out time for the people in her life that matter.  She is a fierce, dedicated friend.  When I was very pregnant and trying to get the house ready for an Open House, so showed up at my house ready to scrub floors on her hands and knees.  

Jodi hates receiving gifts, but is quick to give them out as a way to remind people of how important they are.  At Christmas, she sent me a box stuffed with fluffy socks, homemade peanut butter bonbons and other such sinful indulgences. When my sister had a baby earlier this month, Jodi sent me a "New Auntie" gift in celebration of the arrival of my prize.  Just yesterday, I opened my front door to find a box on my porch from Jodi.  In celebration of my baptism on Sunday, Jodi sent me this box of very special gifts.

She really gets me.  I talk to Jodi nearly every week and I never tire of hearing what's going on her her life and spilling to her what's happening in mine.  We can complain to one another about the struggles at work and get giddy with one another when things go well.  Unfortunately, I really struggle to control my tongue when I'm around Jodi and I have a difficult time curbing my desire to get my gossip girl on! 

Jodi is so delusional as to think I remember a single moment from the Reagan administration.

She has the kiss of death when it comes to any kind of technology.

And I'm so lucky to call her my friend.

Love you Jodi!

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