Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Project Life Tuesday - Week 4

The Mom CreativeWelcome to Project Life Tuesday!

I started using the Project Life system in 2010, so this will be my fourth full year!  Wowza. 

Just so we're clear here, folks...I am not a "fancy scrapbooker."  There are so many people out there doing some very impressive things with their Project Life albums that involve a combination of digital skills, pretty embellishments, and other fancy-pants techniques.  I'm not one of those.  I keep it pretty simple so that I know I can keep up and avoid becoming overwhelmed.  To me, it's more important to keep the memories than it is to make them look like they came out of a magazine.  I'm totally fine with it if my layouts feature more iPhone photos than DSLR shots and Instagram is my friend.

I do like to have fun with it though.  :)

If you're looking for inspiration on what others are doing with their Project Life, you can check out my board on Pinterest and be sure to link up on The Mom Creative!

Week 4:

This week used two regular Design A pages plus a Design C in the middle.

I'm really trying to remind myself to include more of the everyday little snippets this year rather than just the "big events," but it is really nice to be able to devote an entire page to the extra special stuff. too.

Left Page:

How cool is that Quotes journal card from the Seafoam Kit?!  I love it.  It's going to get a lot of use because my kids say crazy things.

Sometimes I finish a layout and I look back at the journaling I wrote and think, "That sounds so stupid."  But, I'm too lazy to go back and change it, so it's just going to have to stay that way.

Design C:

I used this insert to document our annual Christmas celebration with our friends on the front and a birthday part on the back.  For the title card in the top left spot, I used some Seafoam cardstock, a couple strips of washi tape, and a kraft style Martha Stewart label with a random rub-on I found in a box full of a hodge-podge of scrapbooking supplies.  Total luck that it worked with this page!

Both journaling cards here are borrowed from the digital Baby Edition for Him and then just printed right along with the photo next to it on a 4x6 canvas.

And....on the flip side:

Please read the story on the journaling card below.  If you caught the screenshot about my Micah from Week 2, this will give you just that much more insight into the personality of my middle child.

Right Page:

This page is special to me.  It documents the death of my grandmother, a milestone moment in my baby's life, and some special photos of my boys with their Daddy.  I just love it.

The journal card above came straight out of the Seafoam kit.  I added the yellow chevron washi tape (LOVE!!!) and then stuck on a old dimensional sticker from my stash.  I'm sorry, but it no longer had the packaging with it, so I can't even tell you what brand it is.  Blogger fail.

The 3x4 journal card about my grandmother is a screen shot I took of my blog with my phone with a little washi and a journaling sticker at the top.  The two journal spots to the right were created with templates by Cathy Z.

So, there is my Week 4.  I have started to work on Thomas' baby book (and all Sarah's readers said: "FINALLY!!!") and I'm thrilled with how it is turning out.  I went digital with this project, so it has definitely been a different creative experience than I am used to. 

Did you see that Becky Higgins herself linked on Facebook to Part One of Thomas' Baby Book?  You gotta check it out!  

Care for a sneak peek of Part Two?

Yup, that's all you get to see for now.

Mean blogger.

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