Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Reactions

A few quick thoughts about the Super Bowl before I go to bed:

1.  What.  A.  Game.  If the Packers can't be in it, all I want is a game that keeps me interested and is played at a high level.  Wow, did this one deliver.  Incredible comebacks, big plays and drama.  It was an entertaining football game that held me up to the last second.

2.  The halftime show was pretty impressive, I have to admit.  Beyonce brought her A-game.  I find it hard to believe she isn't part cyborg because no one human can have such incredible thighs.  My 5 year old son kept asking why her dress was so short and why she danced so funny.  Then he would cover his eyes when the gyrating began.  So proud.

3.  The blackout.  Talk about social media GOLD!  I was hanging out on Twitter during the entire ordeal and I was just dying from laughter.  Some of the wittiest and most hysterical tweets I've read in a long time. 

Ray Lewis says, "It turns out the Superdome power grid was NOT ready for this jelly."  #SuperBowl #lightsout #Beyonce
4.  I'm glad the Ravens won.  Evan did not want Randy Moss to get a ring and I just couldn't handle the idea of Colin K and his biceps winning the Super Bowl.  He just seems like just a pompous young gun, so I think he needed a big loss to shake a little sense into him.  He's got a few things to learn about game management and leadership and a LOT to learn about humility.

5.  When it all was said and done, I was grateful my DVR was taking care of recording Downton Abbey for me.  (NO SPOILERS!!!!)  Now that football is over, I'm going to need something to replace that void in my life.  Is it August yet? 

6.  Favorite commercial was hands down the Dodge commercial featuring Paul Harvey's "God Made a Farmer" speech.  I had to stop chewing my popcorn so that the sound didn't distract me from his words.  I was riveted.  Bravo, Dodge.

7., Calvin Klein, and CBS (in regards to the promo for Two Broke Girls) should be ashamed of themselves.  

I've stayed up far too late, yo.  Time to hit it! 

What were your thoughts on the Superbowl?  Did you even watch?  Are you convinced the power outage was the failed attempt by a Buffalo Wild Wings bartender to spark the 49ers on to victory?  Favorite commercial? 

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