Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday - Dresses! In Winter!

Bear with me while I geek out a little bit because the idea of being able to wear dresses in the WISCONSIN was something I always thought to be impossible.  Oh, the things I have learned thanks to Pinterest, Instagram and What I Wore Wednesday!  Yes, I am a social media junkie.

On with the dresses!

Maxi Dress - Old Navy, Red belt - The Limited, Brown floral scarf - (so sorry. I have no clue.), b.o.c. boots - Gift from Mother in Law

I wore this outfit to my grandmother's funeral.  I wanted to be dressed up, but still comfortable and not entirely....sad.  We had a terrible snowstorm that day so with tights under my maxi dress and my calf-high boots, I was warm and was able to stomp through the snow pretty easily!

Secret:  I pinned my scarf like that with safety pins.  Not ashamed to admit it.  And yes, if you are a very careful observer, you can see in this photo that my middle finger on my right hand is freakishly crooked.  It's a funny story that involves a stupid kid, a jump rope, and a keyboarding class.

 Dress - Old Navy, Cardigan - LOFT, Leggins - Assets by SPANX, Black flats - Payless, Black belt - The Limited, Feather Necklace - Lisa Leonard Designs

This outfit was so comfy.  I felt like I was wearing pajamas.  I'm still learning this whole leggings trend and I'm trying to learn the rules of this strange nottightsyetnotpants phenomenon.  

Another one with this same dress:

Dress - Old Navy, Scarf - Target, Brown sweater - Target, Boot Socks - Target, b.o.c. boots - gift

I wore this outfit to church and was again surprised at how comfy and warm I was.  Loving these leggings!  This outfit ended up being a little more "boho chic" than I tend to go, but I still felt like it worked.  I only know this because I tweeted this photo to double check that I looked acceptable for public consumption.

Dress - Target, Boot socks - Target

This is kind of conglomeration of the first outfit and the last one I posted.  I based it on the maxi dress outfit, but subbed that dress out for a shorter one and added the brown sweater.  Another church-going outfit.

  Dress - LOFT, Tights - SPANX

Date night!  My husband and I got last-minute (wonderful) seats to see Clybourne Park at the Milwaukee Rep and I wanted to dress up a little bit but still be slightly casual.  This dress from LOFT really fit the bill because I was comfortable and yet it still made my husband's eyeballs pop out of his head when I walked out of the bedroom.

Linking up once again over at The Pleated Poppy for some amazing fashion inspiration!

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