Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIWW - My First "Fix" Edition

Eeeeek!  I've been so excited to share this with you guys!  It's Stitch Fix Review time!!!  Quick recap for those of you just joining us:

1.  I am decisionally challenged when it comes to shopping for clothes.
2.  It's my fault you have to wait 20 minutes for a dressing room because I am taking forever to send the attendant for more clothes, try them on, take photos and post to Twitter, and wait for responses from Twitter to help me make my purchasing decisions.
3.  It's no mystery why Stitch Fix appealed to me.

So, I may have emitted a little "Squee!" when this arrived on my doorstep.  I will readily admit that I immediately hollered, "Boys!  Want to watch Ultimate Spiderman?" and plunked those boys down on the couch so I could go slap some makeup on my face and dig in to my box.  Before I reveal what my stylist Margaret chose for me, here's the quick and dirty details about what exactly Stitch Fix is:

Stitch Fix is, in a nutshell, exactly what a clueless gal like me dreams about.  It is an online personal styling service that assigns you a real live personal stylist based on your responses to an extensive questionnaire about your size, tastes, and particular style preferences.  Once you have expressed what kind of clothes you like, what styles you are interested in trying, and chosen your budget range, you get to wait eagerly for your "Fix" to arrive in the mail!  (Raise your hand if you love getting fun mail as much as I do!

Shipping is FREE both ways and when your box of goodies arrives, you get to sort through the items your stylist chose for you and try them on in the privacy and comfort of your home.  What you want to keep, you keep!  What you want to send back, you just re-pack in the enclosed envelope and pop it in your mailbox.  You fill out a review of your items so your stylist can tweak what they send to you next time.  You pay a $20 styling fee that can be applied to anything in your Fix and if you end up loving all five items, you can buy them as a set at a 25% discount!

Now....on with the Fix!

I opened the box and found the clothes to be folded neatly and the information from my stylist nestled right at the top.

Before I tried anything on, I reviewed the price list included with my Fix so I would have a ballpark idea of what I was dealing with.  I didn't want to fall in love with a $200 blazer, after all.  Thankfully, my stylist had really listened when I filled out my profile and didn't send me anything that was incredibly over-priced.  The merchandise total of my Fix was $264 so if I chose to keep everything, it would cost me $183.

Let's see what was in the box.

At first glace, I was a little concerned about the color of this top.  I can pull off a little bit of coral, but I was worried this would wash me out.  And the whole "open back" idea scared me.  I'm a gal who wears a shaping cami under pretty much everything and sure enough, you could see it peeking out back there.

It wasn't terrible, but I didn't love it.  It fit just a little too tight and the length was a teeny bit too short.  This sweater was priced at $45, which I found to be pretty comparable to the price tags on many of the stores I shop often.

Back in the box it went!

This sweater really excited me.  What's not to love about a drape cardigan?  Such a wardrobe staple.  I had written in my style profile that I wanted timeless, versatile pieces.  Another cool thing about Stitch Fix is that each item comes with a card like this attached that shows you suggestions for how to style the piece.

I didn't have a black and white striped dress, but I did have a black and white striped tank top from LOFT that I thought would work well to create an outfit for giving this cardigan a test drive.

The Verdict: I liked it, really I did.  But....I felt it was a bit too big on me and the cinching waist band didn't really do much to help that problem.  Priced at $45, I just couldn't pull the trigger on this one when I knew I could get something similar that might even fit me better at the Target or Kohl's down the street.  I was looking for something a bit more unique from my Fix!

I opted to have accessories included in my Fix and these earrings were really great.  Simple yet statement.  However, I felt the $38 price tag was too rich for my blood.  I tried 'em on and put 'em right back.

And back to the box we go! Oh my word.  What is that adorable thing I see nestled at the bottom there?

Be still my heart.

How cute is this sweater?!  I was immediately drawn to this top and I just knew it would look cute on me styled with my Hudson jeans and trusty black boots.

Yup, I liked it a lot.  Something seemed so familiar about it though.  The thought kept nagging at me until I scrolled back in my phone to find the photos from the dressing room at LOFT on my previous shopping trip.

No wonder I was having deja vu!  This colorblock sweater certainly fit me better than the shapeless top from LOFT, but I kept coming back to the $58 price tag on the Stitch Fix sweater.  For $58, I really wanted to get something special, something that I wouldn't likely have picked out for myself.  Clearly, this wasn't it.  It hurt me to put that sweater in the bag to send back, but I did it.

There was still one more item waiting to be given a test drive.

A tunic dress?  Yeah, I have no clue what to do here.  Let's check the instruction card.

Ok, let's try it on its own as just a dress first.

Ummmm....huh?  Is this shapeless lumpy frumpy look what it's supposed to be going for?  I thought to myself, "I think I have a belt that might help."  So, I slapped a belt on there and the results were much more appealing.

It was certainly different than anything else I had in my closet and I liked the idea of the piece being able to double as a dress or as a top with leggings.  Still at $75, was it TOO far out of the box to take a risk on?

Well, I didn't want to lose out on my $20 styling fee, so I definitely wanted to pick something.  Really, the only piece I flat out disliked was the pink sweater, so it just came down to choosing something that I thought was priced right, that fit well, and that offered me something unique.

 Cross Front Tunic Dress for the win!

Thus completes my first Fix.  Overall, I found it to be a very positive experience.  I love getting packages in the mail, so it's immediately a good day when a box full of clothes hand-selected for me arrives at my door!  I found a piece I really like and I am really eager to scheduled my second Fix....but not until the budget allows it.  :)

Sound like something you might like to try?  Sign up for Stitch Fix for FREE and claim your spot on the waiting list.  When you get the clear to get your Fix on, have a blast filling out your style profile and then let your personal stylist work her mojo!

See you next time!

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