Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday - Hodgepodge Edition

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I've been engrossed in reading a couple really good books lately, so I'm not going to lie and tell you that I've been putting much thought into my outfits the past week or two.  When I'm hanging out at the house with the kids most of the day and using every spare moment to read my book, I like to be comfy!  So, I'm going to be sharing quite the conglomeration of outfits with you today.  No rhyme or reason, just some stuff I've worn that hasn't been pajama pants and a bocce sweatshirt.

Well, hello there my favorite accessory! Thomas has been all about breaking into my bedroom lately to push buttons on the printer and cause other general mischief.  This day, he wanted to get in the outfit photo with Mommy!

Orange drape sweater - Francesca's, Owl Tank - Target, Jeans - Maurices, Boots - Target

I found this owl tank top on clearance for $3.88 at Target and I about lost my mind from the cuteness of it.  There was only one left and it was in my size.  It was meant to be.  While in the dressing room at Target, I also tried on this outfit:

Mommy likey.  I swapped out the T-shirt for a slightly smaller size and then wore it like this for church the following Sunday:

Jacket - Target, T-shirt - Target, Skirt - Target, Leggings - SPANX from Kohl's, Boots - gift, Scarf - No Idea

The woman sitting behind me at church complimented me on how cute I looked, so it must have worked.  A couple days earlier, I had worn the new pink/red T-shirt out on the town with my sister-in-law so it is apparently a very versatile piece to have snagged for $8.  Here's that outfit:

Jeans - NY&C, Infinity Scarf - Jaxon Jill Designs

Everything in this outfit is the same as the church-going ensemble except I swapped out the scarves and exchanged the skirt for skinny jeans. Funny story.  I was getting ready for my girl date when I sent a photo of this outfit to my husband to get his opinion on it.  Gotta love his response:

And yes, you will notice that I did indeed oblige and send him a photo of my butt.  Marriage is all about keeping it fresh and fun, kiddos.

Finally, I'd like to show you my "I Really Want it to Be Spring So I'm Going to Dress Like I can Invoke Its Coming With My Clothes" outfit:

Coral Striped Shirt - LOFT, Teal necklace - Francesca's, Skinny Jeans - NY & C, Boots - gift

Teal and coral together just scream SPRING to me, so I keep wearing them together in an effort to make the snowing stop and invite the sunshine in.  So far, my efforts have not been successful, but I'm determined!!

Speaking of spring, did you get to see what I got in my first Stitch Fix?


Thanks to referral credits from you wonderful people, I was able to schedule me second Fix for the end of March, so I am very excited to see what my stylist (Margaret) sends me.  I specifically requested some bright colors and a maxi skirt! Really looking forward to sharing all the goodies with you.

Linking up once again over at The Pleated Poppy for some amazing fashion inspiration!

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