Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday - Scarf Obsession

Quite honestly, when the weather warms up and it suddenly becomes ridiculous to wear scarves, I am really not going to know what to do with myself.  I own six scarves that I wear on a pretty regular basis and they have quickly become my go-to accessory when I need a punch of color or some interest in an outfit.  I love that they really require little to no effort or planning and can make a pretty basic outfit look like you really put some thought into it even when the reality is that you just threw it together in about 45 seconds.

Purple cardigan - LOFT, Striped tank - LOFT, Black tank - Maurice's, Teal scarf - Target, Hudson Jeans - Macy's

Put a Scarf On It is my version of Put a Bird on It.

I love that she has to control her gag reflex at the end after the real bird comes in.  Kills me.

I'm sorry, where was I?  Right.  Scarves.  Ok, first up is the teal scarf from Target!  I've pictured it in the outfit above also.

Mustard sweater - The Limited, Skinny jeans - NY & C, Leopard flats - Target

I never would have thought to combine teal with mustard, but I ended up really liking the bright, happy vibe the combination created.  And that sweater is so soft and comfy.

Next:  Infinity Scarves!

 Brown long sleeved tee - The Limited, Silver Jeans - Plato's Closet, Yellow Infinity Scarf - gift, Boots - Target

Speaking of comfy, this outfit was one of those not really trying very hard ensembles for a cold and snowy day that ended up looking halfway polished simply because of the scarf.  

 Blue sweater - Target, Skinny Jeans - NY&C, Boots - Target, Scarf - gift

Saturated blue and yellow go nicely together, I think.  Happy colors!

 Pink Infinity Scarf - Jaxon Jill Designs (currently closed), Brown sweater - Target, Grey tee - Target, Silver Jeans - Plato's Closet

Again, this was one of those days where I really just wanted to wear my pajamas, but I decided to put on real clothes instead.  It looked pretty schlumpy until I added the scarf.  After the scarf, only slightly schlumpy!  :)

And finally comes a couple outfits with my trusty brown floral scarf.  I truly wish I could tell you where I got this scarf, but I have had it for so long that I cannot for the life of me remember where it came from. 

 Green top - LOFT, Brown jacket - Target, Brown scarf - Who Knows?!, Hudson Jeans - Macy's, Wedges - Target

I'm laughing as I look at the photo above because I know my husband is lurking in the doorway behind me trying to throw off my outfit photo.  He kept popping in trying to photobomb me!  That's why my smile is so goofy!

 Grey Tee - The Limited, Purple mini skirt - LOFT, Leggings (SPANX) - Kohl's, Boot socks - Target, Boots - gift

My husband thought I was slightly nuts when I word a mini skirt in February, but I'm so done with winter that I thought wearing this outfit might inspire spring to show up.  Instead, we got another snow storm.

 Mustard Sweater - The Limited, Silver Jeans - Maurice's, Leopard flats - Target

You can see that I wear a lot of the same pieces over and over again, but at least I know I haven't stuck myself with a closet full of worthless clothes I never wear, right?!  I'm definitely looking forward to finding some wonderful new pieces for spring though.

Speaking of new items, did you get to see what I got in my first Stitch Fix?  What a fun day that was!  I'm probably going to be getting my next Fix in April once the weather starts turning warmer.  I'm so pumped to see what my stylist will send me for spring!


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