Monday, April 29, 2013

Boo Radley, Open Flame, and Wizard Duels

Forgive me for being a little slow on the draw today.  Evan arrived home safe and sound on Saturday night and we've been keeping plenty busy since then.

No, not like that.  Get yer mind outta the gutter!

He had kind of a tough flight home that took longer than it should have, but when a 13 hour flight becomes a 14 hour flight it's really kind of like 6 of one, half a dozen of know?  Add in delays at customs and some problems with getting out of the airport itself and he was definitely more than ready to get back in the front door when he finally arrived.

And I was very very happy to have him there.

Sunday was even better because I had my hubby back, the kids had their daddy back, and it was Mom's Day Off!!  After we got home from church, I got to have most of the day to do whatever I wanted.  All by myself!

I started by setting up a card table in my room and turning on Pandora so I could work on finishing Week 16 of my Project Life album.  That brings me up to April 20th, so I don't even feel like I'm behind anymore!  Yay!!

Next I got in the car went to Noodles for lunch and got to start really enjoying the very first gorgeous day of the spring.  Just me, a patio table, a bowl o' Noodles, and a great book to read.  If you haven't tried the Garden Pesto Sautee yet, I highly recommend it.  I described it on Instagram yesterday as "amazeballs."  Direct quote.

I had a whole blog post written last night about the events that transpired after I went for a 3.4 mile run yesterday afternoon, but my husband was astute enough to bring to my attention that the whole Internet might not really want to hear about some of the more....ummmm...."personal problems" I sometimes experience while running, so I scrapped that post and decided to bore you with a play by play of my day off instead.

You can thank him in the comments, by the way.

Anyway, I couldn't let such a gorgeous day go by without insisting the my grill master officially welcome spring by cooking meat over an open flame.  Also, note the kids in a tree.

I kind of my my whole "Mom's Day Off" goal on hold for the rest of the afternoon because it turned out that I was really, truly enjoying hanging out with my kids in the sunshine.  We played in the yard, took a walk, and I watched them climb trees.  And then they picked up sticks and pretended they were wands.

My husband I gave one another a sideways glace and we knew exactly what to do.  We taught them spells, of course!!

We figured Wingardium Leviosa was a bit advanced for this early in their education.  Heck, Hogwarts letters are still several years away.  Never hurts to get a head start though!

All in all, we were blessed with a beautiful weekend that was made even better by being reunited as a family and getting some much needed refreshment time.  So grateful for such abundant blessings!  

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