Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Here

As I get ready to read the topic for this week's 5 Minute Friday writing, my middle son is repeatedly tackling his grandmother in the living room while the baby stares like a zombie at Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  For just five will work.

Here are the rules as laid out by Lisa-Jo, aka "Gypsy Mama" -

Basically, you set a timer for five minutes and just WRITE.  No editing, no stopping to second-guess yourself, just a free flow of your thoughts hitting paper....keyboard....whatever.  She gives the topic and then you just GO.   Then you link back to Lisa-Jo and invite others to join in.

So this is me....taking the Five Minute Friday challenge.  Feel free to join in!  Just go for it and write for five minutes on today's theme:  Here.  I'd love for you to share in the comments the link to your post.  And be sure to link back to the Five Minute Friday hub!



I wish I didn't have to talk to him through a computer screen.  I slept in yesterday morning because I've become so used to turning off my alarm, knowing full well he will wake me up at 6:15 with a freshly brewed cup of coffee made just to my liking.  But he's not here.  After more than 25 hours of travel, Evan finally arrived in Taipei and crashed into his hotel bed like a rock.  It's hard when he's gone on these business trips because we miss him so much and also because I have a LOT of childcare to arrange, but it is very easy for me to forget that he's not gone on vacation.  He is there to work and when it comes right down to it, I know he would rather be here.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the kids have been taking advantage of their grandma, playing her like a fiddle.  Thomas woke up at 4 in the morning and ended up spending the rest of the night sleeping snuggled in on the couch under a blanket with his grandma.  In fact, he is so attached to her that he has wanted very little to do with me over the last couple days!  When Grandma is here, Mommy takes a back seat in the affection department.  I can leave the kids knowing they are in loving hands.  I rest a little easier when she is here.

We are on Day 3 of 18 of Evan being there....but I'm already ready for him to be back here.

Time's up.


  1. I am with you. My husband is about to travel again this week to. It's REALLY hard to do the mom thing on your own. So amazing you have your mama there to help.

    Your blog is adorable!

    1. It's a life-saver, to be sure. She lives over an hour away, but she came to stay with me for a couple nights to watch the kids while I'm at work. Since I work nights and weekends, it is a HUGE hassle when my hubby travels overseas several times a year.

      Plus, it's just downright lonely!

      Thanks for stopping in!

  2. I pray the time flies by. For all of you. What a gift to have Grandma here while your husband is there!

    1. She's been a blessing! I'm certainly looking forward to her coming back next week for another round!

  3. I understand, with the hubby deployed I depend on my parents (who luckly live next door) for so much help. Blessing on your time apart and the excitement of being back together!

  4. Man I know what it is like to have hubby gone for long periods of time. I pray you can make it through!!

  5. Good luck and hang in there!


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