Monday, April 1, 2013

Photobomb - Link Up!

Ree wrote a post recently about her ranch goons and it was all about how "the family that photobombs together, stays together."  It must be because I would trust The Pioneer Woman with my life.  Have you read her cooking posts?  80% of them contain the words "trust Pioneer Woman" somewhere in the instructions.  It's her subliminal way of convincing you that she is Yoda-like and we should follow her wisdom without question, even if she demands we lift an X-Wing out of a yucky pond using only our minds.

Do or do not.  There is no try.

What the heck was I writing about?

Photobombing.  Right.

Our family must clearly be headed down the right path in life.  I give you these gems as evidence.

I was trying to take a photo of my outfit for WIWW and my husband couldn't resist the urge to photobomb.  Yes, I saw him.  I took the photo anyway because I love it.  He makes me smile, that man.

We were parked outside Isaiah's school when I used the front camera to point back at Micah.  Immediately after he started to say, "Cheeeese!!" his big brother jumped in there and BAM!  Photobomb.  Just brother showing a brother some love.

I suppose I should be proud.  After all, photobombing is a long-standing tradition.  My children are following in the footsteps of the man who could only be described as the greatest photobomber of all time.  Yes, I am referring to the one and only Aaron Rodgers.  Just look at his illustrious resume:

Photobombing the captains' photo before the game:

Oh, and remember that time A-Rod photobombed Vince Lombardi?  Vintage Rodgers, man.

And every movie buff loves the famous Back to the Future photobomb.  This was easily some of Aaron's best work:

Oh yes, friends.  I am definitely a fan of the master.  But not even the great Aaron Rodgers can hold a candle to my favorite photobomb of all time.  He can't compete against a couple cute boys, Darth Tater, and an epic baby brother photobomb.

Nothing, and I mean nothing beats this one.

Today, for the sake of your family, photobomb your loved ones.  Hugs and kisses are so 2012.  Nothing says "I love you" like a good photobomb.

For real, if you've got a good photobomb photo to share, I'd love to see it!  Let's do a Linky!!!

The Rules:
- Please link directly to the blog post with the photobomb.  It's kind of rude to link to your giveaway or craft or something else.  Let the people roam free on their own, if you don't mind.

 - Also, would you do me a solid and be sure to link back here to Arena Five in your post?  It can be as simple as pasting this code in your post somewhere!  Thanks!

- Finally, share the love!  Share the linky and tell others about the photobomb fun.  Visit the other sites listed and give 'em some love in the comments.  Let's have fun with this, people!!

Can't wait to see your wonderful photobombs!

YOUR TURN!  Add your link below to share your photobomb!

(I'll stop with all the exclamation points now.  Wait.  One more.)

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