Thursday, April 11, 2013

Should've Used Baby Oil

My little man has been battling an ear infection.

At least I actually took him to the doctor this time, unlike the last ear infection he got where we basically told him to suck it up for a day or two and chalked up his whining to an attempt at attention.  By the time he was wailing, "I just can't take it Mommy!!!" and I finally figured I should indulge him, his ear infection had gotten so bad we were lucky there was no rupturing of anything.  Someday when I write my parenting book, this will be in the chapter where I make my case for my Mom of the Year award.

The poor boy was so wiped out that he fell asleep on the couch before supper.

Know what else will be in that Mom of the Year chapter in my book?  This.

See that road rash on my baby's cheek?  That would be what happens when you allow your boy to put a temporary tattoo of The Hulk on his face, only to realize more than a week later that the stupid thing will not wash off no matter what you do so in your desperation you try using lemon juice and a dish cloth, only to realize that what initially just left a little red mark gradually transformed into this carnage on my offspring's face.

Got the tattoo off though.

I'll be sure to tell you where I'll be stopping on my book tour so I can autograph copies of that parenting book.  

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