Friday, April 26, 2013

Since You've Been Gone

It's hard for me to even come up with anything to say right now because the only thing running through my head is

Evan comes home tomorrow.  Evan comes home tomorrow.  Evan comes home tomorrow.  Evan comes home tomorrow.

And I am so SO ready.

I have had so much help over the last 17 days and I am so grateful to my mother, my in-laws, my friends, neighbors, and co-workers who have all contributed to making my time on my own as painless as possible.  They have babysat my kids, worked my shifts at work when childcare fell through, taken my children on sleepovers, listened to me vent and whine over a couple beers and taken me out for a good time.  There is absolutely no way I could have survived this time without them.

In fact, I'm surprised we made it this far at all.  After the harrowing events of last week, my nerves were so fried I was finding myself yelling at the kids way more than usual and I was eating myself silly.  While on Skype with Evan one morning, he said he missed me terribly and couldn't wait to get home to me.  I told him he would be coming home to more of me to love!

Not the point.

It's just been tough.  After Isaiah was almost pegged by a car, I was on hyper-alert for my kids' safety.

Fat lot of good it did me.  On Thursday, Mr. Micah up there fell down the basement steps and wound up with that goose-egg on his melon.  Here's the strange thing:

I have absolutely no idea how it happened.

We had just arrived home and I was helping his brothers put their coats away when I heard the thump thump thump of him tumbling down the stairs followed by his wails.  I looked up to see the basement door open and my boy curled up at the bottom.....with his hat pulled over his eyes.

Really kid?  I haven't been able to get a straight story out of him yet to explain how or why he managed to open the door, cover his eyes with his hat, and fall down the stairs.  I really have no clue what was going through his little brain or what kind of motivation was behind this little mishap.   

As far as I'm concerned, the only thing the last 17 days has proven is that I am ill equipped to be a single parent and that Evan needs to get his butt home as soon as possible.

And then I'm taking a day off. 

Happy Friday everyone.  I'll talk to you next week because I'm probably going to be....ummmmm....busy this weekend. 

*wink wink*

The best worst parent in the universe

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