Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday - Rinse and Repeat

I'm almost afraid to say this out loud through a computer screen, but I think spring might actually be threatening to really show up this time.  Over the past week we have seen the thermometer hit 50 degrees (Hallelujah!!!) and we are now in the midst of several days of rain. iPhone says it's supposed to snow on Friday.  So confusing.

Of course, my wardrobe choices as of late have still had to be rather cozy and I will admit I have fallen into a real pattern when it comes to creating my outfits.  It goes a little something like this:

Jeans + Top + Scarf + Jacket or Sweater = Outfit.

Rinse and Repeat.

Silver Jeans - Plato's Closet, Flats - Payless?, T shirt - Target, Jacket - Target, Infinity Scarf - Jaxon Jill Designs

I'm suppressing a giggle in the photo above because my husband is hovering in the background getting ready to photobomb my outfit photo.  If I recall correctly, this was a "I'm so excited to be going to Target by myself" outfit.  Those are my favorite kind.

 Skinny Jeans - NY & Co, Leopard flats - Target, Green sweater - The Limited, Brown floral scarf - No clue

I never thought it would be possible that an item of clothing called "skinny jeans" would actually be comfortable.  But these are.  And I love them. 

 Silver Jeans - Maurice's, Black flats - Payless??, Blue Sweater - Target, Infinity Scarf - Jaxon Jill Designs

No makeup in that one right there, so you know for sure this is as honest as it comes.  More than likely, I was just about to bring Isaiah to preschool and I figured the teacher and other moms would appreciate it if I didn't show up in yoga pants.  This is what I threw on in about five minutes.  

 Hudson Jeans - Macy's, b.o.c. boots - gift, Yellow sweater - The Limited, Scarf - gift from Jodi

Like the folded laundry on the dresser behind me?  More than likely, it sat there for another day or two before I got around to putting it away.  My darling friend Jodi sent me this scarf as a gift for Easter and the yellow in it matched this sweater so perfectly.  Wasn't that sweet of her?  I threw on my brown jacket from Target over this to go outside and play with the kids and I was so comfy.  Thanks again Jodi!

See what I mean?  There's definitely a pattern forming here.  Next week:  More Variety!!

Linking up once again over at The Pleated Poppy for some amazing fashion inspiration!

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