Monday, April 22, 2013

What's Missing

After the time my mother spent three days at my house last week and helped me with childcare while I was at work, she sent me a text message that she had to take a nap as soon as she got home.  Then when I spoke to my mother in law today, she mentioned that after the boys stayed at her house for a sleepover, she was able to understand just a little more why I say I'm so tired all the time!

And in case you're wondering, butterfly hunting can also lead to significant pre-bedtime fatigue.

It's been kind of hard to laugh this past week.  In the midst of all the mess, stress, and struggle I was able to find several ways to smile.

This helps:

My boy loves to work on puzzles with me.  He picked out this Avengers puzzle from the Dollar Spot at Target for surviving a shopping trip without pooping his pants, breaking anything from a shelf, or eating anything off the floor.

This will help:

Playing Scrabble with some friends while chatting with my snarky husband on Skype.  He was making fun of the words I was playing at the same time that the people I was playing the game with were also poking at me.

Best Scrabble game EVER.  I lost, but talking to this guy and laughing with friends made it epic.

I look forward to him coming home so I can get caught up on episodes of Castle and The Big Bang Theory and I can have that booming laugh back in my house once again.  It has really been what's missing for the last thirteen days.

Here's hoping I have many, many more opportunities to laugh this week as we enter into the home stretch!

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