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WIWW - Stitch Fix Review

Holy Hannah, if you had seen me staring out the window last week as I waited for the postal truck to come into view, you would have thought I was a lunatic.  I had my reasons, friends.

My Stitch Fix was coming!!!  There's just something so thrilling about waiting for a box of clothes to arrive on your doorstep that were chosen just for you, but you have no clue what kind of treasures await you.

Real quick recap for those of you who weren't around for my first Stitch Fix reviewStitch Fix is, in a nutshell, exactly what a clueless gal like me dreams about.  It is an online personal styling service that assigns you a real live personal stylist based on your responses to an extensive questionnaire about your size, tastes, and particular style preferences.  Once you have expressed what kind of clothes you like, what styles you are interested in trying, and chosen your budget range, you get to wait eagerly for your "Fix" to arrive in the mail!  My favorite thing about Stitch Fix is that it is NOT a subscription service that charges you every month.  You can try it out, get one Fix, and then never do it again.  Or you can get a Fix every month!  Totally up to you, on your terms and your budget.

Shipping is FREE both ways and when your box of goodies arrives, you get to sort through the items your stylist chose for you and try them on in the privacy and comfort of your home.  What you want to keep, you keep!  What you want to send back, you just re-pack in the enclosed envelope and pop it in your mailbox.  You fill out a review of your items so your stylist can tweak what they send to you next time.  You pay a $20 styling fee that can be applied to anything in your Fix and if you end up loving all five items, you can buy them as a set at a 25% discount!

In this particular Fix, I requested to skip the option to include accessories and have an additional clothing item instead.  Of course, that makes the price of the whole Fix go up, but I wanted to have more choices in clothes this time versus a pair or earrings. 

Enough business talk.  Let's see the clothes!

First up was this sheer, soft, orange-ish sweater.  Have I mentioned that I love that Stitch Fix attaches that style card to every piece?  It is so helpful to have an instruction manual.

I didn't have booties like on the style card, but I did have skinny jeans and my trusty brown boots.  I liked this top, but I wasn't crazy about what the hi-low style did for my body.  As you can see by my face, I wasn't totally sold on this one.

Photos don't do this sweater justice.  It was shimmery.  So so pretty!!

Check me out!  I was actually able to style this sweater almost exactly as shown on the card!  Score a point for me!  I really, really liked this together.  The coral in the sweater worked really nicely with my chambray shirt (Target) and the pop of teal in the necklace created one of my favorite color combinations for spring.

This top didn't photograph incredibly well, but in person it was a very vibrant red.  I really liked the color.

I took my cue from the style card and styled this top two ways: first with skinnies and my boots and second with a patterned skirt.  I liked how the top showed my shape, but I wasn't crazy about how I ended up being so....ummmm...busty.  I think the girls were just a bit too big for this shirt to handle.

Here it it paired with the patterned skirt I got at Target.  For the sake of comparison, I have also showed you how the skirt looks with a simple $8 t-shirt from Target.  Based on seeing these side by side, I knew I didn't want to buy this particular shirt.  It wasn't quite right.

Like the photobomb?  We do love those around here.

Oh how I wished for a bright teal skirt when I saw this style card.  How cool is that??  On the hanger, this top immediately appealed to me.  I couldn't wait to try it on.

I wore it with my skinny jeans and a pair of black pumps and I was in luuuurrrve.  You can probably tell that by the goofy pose where it looks like I'm scratching the back of my head.  I am so not a fashion blogger, you guys.  I would have loved to have a killer pair of red heels to try with this outfit.

I've been looking for a red suede pump!

Name that movie.

Again, I had requested a maxi skirt in this Fix, but they were all out.  My stylist substituted a maxi dress instead.  

I threw on a pair of wedge sandals and a statement necklace like illustrated on the style card and you know what?  I liked it....sort of.  I liked the fit of the dress, but I think I needed it to be just a wee bit longer.  What really didn't work for me was the color.  I'm a pale Wisconsin gal, folks.  This color just washed me out something fierce.  I think I'm going to tweak my style profile to avoid yellow in the future.  It just doesn't work for me.

That's all five pieces.  What do you think I kept?  Oh yes....I kept stuff.

Drumroll please.....

Zig Zag top for the win!!  I find it hilarious that in a Fix that I wanted to find some very spring-esque items I ended up with another black and white top.  But I don't care because I am in love with this top.  I'm picturing it with a cute pair of mint shorts or denim cropped pants with wedges to springify it a little. 

So there's Stitch Fix #2!  Once again, I was impressed.  I will be making some modifications to my style profile again after this Fix and I think I'm even going to request a particular stylist based on her choices in a friend's Fix that blew my mind. 

If you'd like to give Stitch Fix a try, go ahead and sign up for free here!  I believe there is a little waiting list at the moment, so if you are thinking it sounds like something you would like, get on the list and get ready to get "fixed!"  Don't say I didn't warn you when you find yourself stalking the mail carrier like a crazy person on Fix delivery day.

If you're interested, you can see what I got in my previous fix here:
*Stitch Fix did not compensate me in any way for writing this post nor am I affiliated with them in any way.  I'm just a customer who thinks this service is pretty freaking fabulous.  I did include my referral link so if you want to schedule your own Fix, I do get referral credit.*

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