Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Busted Face and A Truvy Moment

For goodness sake, these kids are going to give me gray hair, crows feet, and an ulcer.  All in the same week.  After a Mother's Day that gave me a teeny little breath of rest, we jumped right back into a new week and within 48 hours, my husband dropped another Business Trip Bomb on me, Micah nearly got clipped by a car, and then Isaiah tripped and face-planted on the sidewalk.

He came in the house just as I was about ready to leave for work, screaming his head off and looking like this:

So I drove to work, leaving my bloody and road-rashed kid for Evan to deal with.  Later it dawned on my husband my oldest child was still going to look like he had been attacked with a potato peeler on Sunday.  The day we are getting our family photos taken.

Add in the fact that I am apparently suffering from a little thing called "Premenstrual Syndrome" (spoken in the voice of Truvy from Steel Magnolias) and as a result I had consumed far too many pieces of pizza, Teddy Grahams, and chocolate chip cookies at work and I skipped my usual Monday night workout at the gym to come home and eat popcorn while watching Castle with Evan.  

And I suddenly realized that writing this post while watching an old episode of Glee that showcases Kate Hudson's amazing abdominals was a huge mistake.  Yowza.

Me and my soft and plushy midsection attended a couple classes for leadership training at church today and the class tonight was called "Simplexity," taught by the marvelous Laura Sandretti.  When I met back up with Evan afterwards and he asked how it went I responded with:

"Well, it was a class about how to manage the chaos of life and seek God for peace when life gets crazy.  I was basically just trying not to cry for the last hour."  

He laughed out loud and then chided me a bit, telling me that I really should have taken a class that had some bearing on my life.

I can't really remember if I smacked him one, but if I didn't.....I should have.  I love that guy.

I love all my guys. 

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