Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Falling Behind and Falling Asleep

It's been a good run, folks.  Looking back at Tuesdays round these parts, I've done a pretty darn good job of having a brand new Project Life post for you every week, but I just wasn't able to pull it off this time.

I have four weeks' worth of planning pages laying in a pile on my kitchen counter that I've been plugging away at with every spare moment over the last week or so.  But then I worked a 14 hour shift on Saturday and we went out on a date (wait....WHAT??!!) on Sunday that I kicked off with a two-hour nap because I was dog tired.

So tired that I fell asleep in minutes under a pile of laundry.

On Monday we visited my in laws for Memorial Day and my oldest son had one of the biggest meltdowns of his life on the drive home because he had to leave behind a foam sword.  The child was wailing.  And sobbing.  And shaking.  There was blubbering, folks.  Blubbering.

We had a tough time getting the kids to sleep when we landed back home and all I could think about was snuggling under a blanket with a bowl of chocolate fro-yo and The Voice on my DVR.

So I'm hoping I'll get to work on Project Life a bit later today, but if the last couple days are any indication I might end up just falling asleep instead.  I hope to have some brand new material for you next week!

Wish I Could Nap Every Day,

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