Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday - Teal Maxi Skirt

Oh my gracious heavens to Betsy jumpin' jehoosaphat.

It's finally warm enough to wear skirts.  Can I get a "Hallelujah!!!"

(Everyone who just arrived on my blog from California just decided I was a freak and high-tailed it outta here.  Everyone who is reading from the Midwest just hollered, "Amen sistah!!!")

So here's what happened.  While Evan was in China, my mother stayed with me quite a bit to watch the kids for me while I was at work.  Micah and I popped into TJ Maxx one day to find a little thank you gift for her and the strangest thing took place.

A teal maxi skirt literally jumped off the rack and attacked me, shrieking "Try me on!! I'm perfect!!!"

 Skirt - TJ Maxx, Teal top - Maurice's, Necklace - Lisa Leonard Designs, Shoes - Payless

And when a possessed skirt jumps in your path friends, you buy it.  Especially when it is marked down from $75 to $24.99.  Yup, you betcha.

And then you wear it with pretty much every solid colored top you can find in your wardrobe.

 White t shirt - Target, Necklace - Stitch Fix, Feet - God's handiwork

I seriously lived in this skirt for a solid week.  I washed it, dried it, and put it right back on.

Grey T Shirt - Old Navy, Wedge Sandals - Payless

Due to my terrible body position in the photo above, I look like I have a baby bump.  I am not, repeat, I am NOT pregnant.

Teal tank - Old Navy, Jacket - Target

Yup, the teal maxi skirt totally stole my heart that day.  And of course I found my mother a suitable gift.  Just ask her - the wire basket with a chicken on it plus the flavored olive oil and gardening gloves were a win.  But still, maxi skirt for the win.

Has anyone else struck wardrobe gold recently?  Have you ever had an inanimate object like a skirt leap off a rack at you and demand you purchase it?  Must just be me then.....

Linking up once again over at The Pleated Poppy for some amazing fashion inspiration!

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