Thursday, June 13, 2013

10 Quick Things

Real quick like a bunny (because I'm writing this blog post when I told the kids I had to go inside and go potty), here are a few things you need to know.

1.  I have returned safely from my little solo Mommy Vacation

2.  It was the perfect cocktail of solo time combined with family time with a twist of a new friend.

3.  Apparently, I am no longer capable of drinking more than one actual cocktail without being stricken with a hangover the next morning.

4.  I am no longer 21 years old.  (See #3)

5.  I am navigationally challenged.  As in, I got lost no less than four times on this trip.  Yes, I was using GPS navigation on my phone.  Yes, I will blog about this.

6.  Grand Rapids, MI is a super cool city.

7.  Michigan has the stupidest turn lanes in the universe and I can't see their stoplights.  (See #5)

8.  I missed my kids a little and I missed my hubby a little more, but it's easy to not miss them a lot when you're having way too much fun.

9.  This trip was precisely what I needed to stop my journey toward a nervous breakdown.

10.  I'm really not ready for Evan to leave on Monday for another trip to China, but I feel much more prepared to handle it now that I've had my break.

Friends, I have so much to tell you about.  I need to tell you all about meeting an Internet friend in real life and feeling like we were BFFs from the second we met.  I want to write about the idiotic things I did that led to me nearly driving directly into Lake Michigan....twice.  I have to love on all the people that made this trip possible and who went out of their way to make it as enjoyable as possible for me.

But my kids have busted me on the computer so that has to wait for another time.

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